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Now all radio-sets in this country
have been confiscated by the Germans
and I will have to give up now during
the next few days I make a few notes
on what I still have heard over the
radio these last few days

16/5/1943 Sunday
1.15 p.m. Country magazine dealing with
4.15 p.m. Brain's trust Question-master
Donald McCullough, taking part a.o.
...., Julian Huxley, miss Harriman
(daughter mr. Harriman. Lease-Lend
7.30 p.m. Sandys at the theater
8.45 Recording of the Home Guard Parade in
Hyde Park where the king took the
9.30 a.m. Pealing of church Bells to
celebrate the Tunesian victory
today was Empire Youth's Day
9.00 p.m. News about confiscation of
radiosets in this country
If it means closing down radiostations
at Hilversum then the Dutch may
claim to have driven Dr. Goebels out 
original text 0001  5/16/1943     
of the Dutch air
16.30 p.m. Transatlantic call people
to people dealing with River Thames
1.= 6.= 9.= pm. news
v Arnim ....... commanding German
forces in Tunesia now a prisoner
of war have been flown to England
and arrived there today.
9.- pm Despatch about life in freed
city of Tunis. In Tunis appears
an English Paper called Tunesian
Telegraph. Electric Power station
destroyed by Jerries. Watersupply
intact. Radiostation destroyed
now. Recording car intact kept secret
8.= p.m. Service St. Paul's Cathedral
Edinbro Cathedral.
Talk by Doctor about fatigue
" for anglers
12.45 p.m. Talk by 28 year old woman-
correspondent about fascism
and about women in China and
9.30 pm. Forces Bebé Daniels, Ben Lion
R.A.F. deliver perfume to Germany.
" sprinkled Cologne.
v. Arnim arrived without underwear.
v. Arnim lost his pants 
original text 0002  5/16/1943     
10.15 Forces Newsletter
10.30 " music while you work,
calling all workers, David .....
and his band
Bebe Daniels:
The stars at night
are big and bright
Deep in the heart of Texas
The prairie sky
is wide and high
deep ----
The sage in bloom
is like perfume
deep ----
When the lights go on again
All over the world
When the boys come home again
All ------
and rain and snow is all that
will fall from the skie above

When the lights go on again
All over the world
And the ships will sail again
All over ------
Then we will have time for things
like weddingrings and free hearts
will sing 
original text 0003  5/16/1943     
12.00 Home Service
newsreader Jack ...... . American
Thunderbolts made sweeps over
occupied countries 2 aircraft destroyed
mitchells bombed Cannes.
British typhoons bombed railway
targets at Le Treport.
Moscow reports Friday more
raids on Brijansk and combined
airattacks on ...... and Orel also
railway target there.
Fighting in Koeban continues
In the Donets Sovjets advanced
according to ........ ............
a codeword for a certain operation
was "Retribution" Subsequently
order from admiral Cunningham
was burn, sink, destroy.
Queen inspected boys of Red Cross 
original text 0004  5/16/1943     
17/5 13 uur
reading Joseph McLeod
aircraft of bomber command
attacked targets in the Ruhr and
Rhineland also Berlin. 9 aircraft
bombercommand and 1 fighter
missing. Fighter aircraft carried
out intruder flights.
During raids over England 4
Focke Wulf bomb carrying planes
destroyed. Total force of German
aircraft employed about 20.
Germans raided S. East England, Essex
and Greater London area.
Little damage done, small loss
of lives. Monday morning 5 aircraft
destroyed during fighter patrols
our fighters covered an attack on
Cannes. The total Italian air-
strenght is small and inferior
Italy neglected building planes
of bombertypes. The bombers they
have have a small bomb-carrying
capacity. Italy concentrated on
swift ........ fighters which are out
of date. They have no night fighters
moreover the Italians are not well
off with airfields. Most important 
original text 0005  5/17/1943     
New successes of our submarines
are reported after torpedoing an Italian
destroyer has been sunk.
Mines were laid in enemy waters
Targets in Southern Germany were bombed
Near palermo destroyers were attacked
V.C. has been posthumously awarded to
acting Captain F.T. Peters.
S. Italy. Sicily and Sardinia were
attacked. raiders from Malta attacked
targets on Sicily. 4 German planes
destroyed by Beaufighters.
High water is reported from the Rhine and
Weser below Kassel. Roads are flooded
and only heads of trees are to be seen.
Ederdamm fed 3 electric power
stations. Most important is
Möhne damm. In Egean Sea and
near Coast of Greece a small supply
ship has been sunk by gunfire
One of our subs penetrated into
the harbour of Porto Torres and
damaged a supply ships
Attlee moved a resolution in the
Commons paying tribute to N.
african forces. Empire and British
casualities since war with Italy
began amounted to 220000 killed, 
original text 0010  5/18/1943     
wounded, missing and taken prisoner
German casualties amount to 227000
and Italian to 400000.
a part in campaign raid
Lancs fuseliers, Hamps Regiment,
Argyll and Sunderland Highlanders
Royal fuseliers, Seaforth Highlanders
York and Lancs Reg. Gordon "
cameron High. Royal West Kent Reg.
Amongst forces now in Tunis are
Derbyshire and Staffs Notts Yeomanry
No change is reported from Russia
Germans are attacking in Koeban
U.S.A. forces make progress on Attoe
Island. Japanese offering stubborn
resistance New issue of S. African
oranges for children. extra sugar for
jam-making on schools. 4 lbs per
after news in forces story about 27
Frenchmen who were shot on 22/10/1941
in a camp at Chateaubriand
12.= Morris Shillington
Tunis well over 200000 prisoners.
Möhne reservoir empty Breaches in
Eder, Möhne damms both 200 feet
each. Kassel partly flooded Whole
valley under water 
original text 0011  5/18/1943     
1.= n.m. Frederick Allen
Yesterday night fighter intruders shot
up over 20 trains in enemy occupied
territory The fighters were long distance
fighters and one aircraft is missing
a few enemy aircraft crossed the
coast Some came as far as London
one raider has been destroyed
Reconnaisance carried out yesterday
of Weser and Ruhr valley showed that
the floods had reached parts of Kassel
From the Russian front no change
is reported.
The rest of the personal message from
General Montgomery to the men
of the 8th army has been published
The united nations' Food conference
at Hotspring has been opened today.
During a talk about an new type
of aircraft escortships we were told
that Seafires are fighters operating
from these carriers.
It was told that Prime Minister
Churchill's address to joint session
of congres will be heard at 6.30 pm of the
6 o'clock news whereas the special will
be recorded and broadcast again. 
original text 0012  5/19/1943     
after the 9 o'clock news.
The speech which lasted from 6.30 to 7.25
was heard.
a hour was made with the recording
car on Radio allotments after
news at 1 pm.
9. o'clock news was heard but
heard speech by Churchill and
splendid ovation he got from
members of US. Congress.
12. pm Reader Richard Wessel.
This afternoon a heavy force of
American bombers bombed
shipbuilding yards at Flushing and
Kiel. Six bombers are missing
from this operation. Over Northern
France offensive sweeps were
carried out by fighters. 1 enemy
fighter has been destroyed.
The flooded waters of the Möhne
damm raid extend to 60 miles
The breach in Eder damm flooded
a.o. an aerodrome where everything
hangars included disappeared
The floods have reached Kassel 45
miles away from damm and
have even extended to over 50 miles.
The number of prisoners in Tunesia 
original text 0013  5/19/1943     
of military importance in the homeland
of Japan. The total of trucks, in Britain
they are called lorries but the
Americans are using petrol instead
of gasoline amounts to 70000.
Numbers of air attacks continue
to count more. The output of
allied planes exceeds that of the axis
opinions differ on the question
whether airpower alone will be
able to bring defeat of axis about
but it is well worth trying it.
In the destruction of the German
damms 19 Lancasters were employed
Air war is a major factor in the
problem of victory
The battle of Tunesia is an equal
blow to the enemy as the loss of
Stalingrad. One continent is
now cleansed. 950000 soldiers
2.400.000 gross tons of shipping have
been sunk, 8000 aircraft lost,
2500 tanks captured or lost and also
6200 guns. These are the losses which
the African excursions mean for
Hitler and Mussolini. Churchill 
original text 0015  5/19/1943     
hopes it will be possible to have a
meeting with Stalin and Tsjang kay
Tsjek. Russia bears the main
land fighting. 190 German and 28
satelite divisions are bound by
Russia. a Third assault on Russia
is likely to be started by Hitler but he
will not succeed. 
original text 0016  5/19/1943     
Having been away today I could only
listen to the midnight news at 12 pm.
which was read bij Robert Robinson,
Mosquitoes of bombercommand
bombed last night targets at Berlin
not one aircraft is missing
whirlwinds of fighter command
bombed the airfield at amiens
Intruder patrols were busy over
Northern France and Belgium where
railways and canal targets were
Mosquitoes of fighter command have
also attacked the airfield at ....
a beaufighter damaged 3 trains
1 enemy aircraft has been destroyed
a small number of fighter-bombers
were over Essex and London
Seys Inquart broadcast to the
people of Holland and spoke about
the extension of martial law
over the whole country
There is no news of any change on
the Russian fronts. Preparations
are ........ made and it is
likely that great things are to
come during tough fights over 
original text 0017  5/20/1943     
Mediterranean the Luftwaffe lost
72 aircraft against loss of 4
of ours. The German fighters tried to save
the Sicilian airfields. In the number
of 72 are also included 37 planes
destroyed on the ground.
Fighters based on Malta raided
railway targets on Sicily
mr. Molotov received Joseph Davies
and admiral Standley the USA
ambassador at Moscow.
An Irish ship has been torpedoed
in the atlantic as has been
announced by radio Dublin
Two topedoes were fired tot the
ship. The crew were picked up 
original text 0018  5/20/1943     
21/5 9.=
aircraft of the strategic airforce
destroyed 113 aircraft yesterday.
This number is made up of 91
on the ground and 22 in airfights.
We lost 1 plane. Flying Fortresses
bombed Rosita, 80 miles N.W. of Rome
The attack was a model of
precision in bombing. Hits were
seen on buildings and aircraft on
the ground. For the first time since
december last bombs fell on Malta
The amount of bombs was small and
only a few wqere dropped The attack
was carried out by some 36 Focke
Wulf 190 escorted by ME9. 2 F.W's were
shot down. Warhawks and merodas
carried out attacks especially
against airfields on Sardinia
which was also done by mitchells
escorted by Lightnings.
Homebased mosquitoes bombed
targets at Berlin whereas last
night mines were also laid in
enemy waters. President Roosevelt
said to a press-conference that
staff-talks were going on well. 
original text 0019  5/21/1943     
fighters of which are 10 missing
bombed targets in N.W. Germany
and France.
all over India celebrations were
held in honour of the Tunesian
1 Ju. 88 was destroyed over Bay of
Biscay. Heavy German attacks
are reported from the Koeban.
For the rest there are no changes
on Russian fronts
In the Chrysler works at Detroit
24000 men are on strike
after news talk was given by
John Green about post war
12.= Stewart Hibbard
Strong formations of american heavy
have raided Wilhelmshaven
and Emden in daylight today without
escort of fighters
In spite of heavy flak and opposition
from enemy fighters (some hundred)
a heavy load of bombs was dropped.
American fighters have carried out
extensive patrols over the Dutch
coasts. Twelve bombers are missing
as well as 3 fighters. A Henkel 111 
original text 0020  5/21/1943     
was destroyed over Northern France.
The Secretary for war at the opening
of Edinburgh's wings for victory week
said that the only way to avoid
the man-slaughter of the last war
to get to Berling is extensive
Sir Archibald Sinclair gave more
details about the damage done to
the Eder- and Möhne damms
on the opening of Nottingham's
wings for victory week the Chief of
Fighter Command said that 13% of
the enemy's aircraft coming to
this country have been destroyed
Rosita opposite the isle of Elba has
been bombed.
Note: meroda's are bombers 
original text 0021  5/21/1943     
22/5. 1. pm. Joseph Mcleod
Berlin was again the target for our
bombers last night and has been
bombed by aircraft of bomber
command. Mosquitoes carried out
the bombing. Railway targets at
orleans were also bombed
as well as enemy shipping in the
Channell. 2 trains were set on
fire in N. France. 5 of our bombers
are missing East of Cherbourg a
motorship and a trawler has
been sunk.
The raid American bombers
made over Wilhelmshaven lasted
40 minutes whereas the aircraft
were an hour over Emden
Last night there was little activity
over S.E. England and London
one aircraft has been destroyed.
Aircraft of middle East command
bombed ........... at regio and
Messina. Captain Harald
Balfour said at Norwich that twice
this month bomber command
aircraft dropped 1500 tons of bombs.
Acoording to news received from
Moscaw the Communist International 
original text 0022  5/21/1943     
has been disbanded
The ..... on the Russian front
In airbattles over S.W. Pacific
11 Japanese planes were destroyed
whereas we lost four.
12,= pm. Frederick Allen
Warcorrespondents in N. Africa reckon that
in 3 days and nights of air-activity over
mediterranean 4 aircraft an hour
have been destroyed i.e. 70 in airfights
and about 200 on the ground.
Yesterday alone 19 were shot down and
60 destroyed on the ground. Middle East
aircraft accounted for another 10 whereas
our losses amount to 7. ......
........ saw at Aldershot today
that we had the option to attack.
Last month over 11000 tons of bombs
were dropped on Germany
Acoording to news from Washington
The American campaign on Attoe
island is now reaching its final
phase. The Japanese have been split
into 3 pockets of resistance constant-
ly under land- and airattacks
The village of Attoe has been
destroyed completely with the 
original text 0023  5/21/1943     
exception of the church and one building
The attack on Berlin last night
was made for the third night
In Russia a feeling of tension is
7 barges were sunk of the coast of
New Guinea In Birma attacks on
Japanese installations and
communications were continued
Churchill has now moved from
White House to British ambassy
Last month the american output
of ships totalled 175 
original text 0024  5/21/1943     
23/5 9 pm Frank Philips
" 12 pm Marrit Shillington
The last news is that day and night our
air offensieve against Italy Sicily
France and the Low countries
continues Enemy resistance against
our air attacks is however growing
During attacks by the north west
african airforce 4 planes were lost
This afternoon Venturers (Venturas)
with a Spitfire escort bombed the
cokes ovens at Zeebrugge. Whirlwinds
and Spitfires sunk an enemy trawler
of Guernsey. Another convoy entering
the harbour of Flushing was surprised by
our typhoons. In N. France ...................
attacked 7 trains and 5 locomotives
were damaged. Not one of our aircraft
is missing. Last night there was no
enemy activity over this country but
today 3 hit and run raiders were
shot down. From a report by
Robert ............... it is clear that the
Flying Fortress is the key of our air-
offensive in the mediterranean
by day whereas RAF Wellington 
original text 0025  5/21/1943     
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