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Flying fortresses bombed an airfield 50
miles North east of Rome.
4 of our planes are missing and one
enemy plane has been destroyed.
The Germans call the Italian demonstrations
as communist and also directed against
the house of Savoi.
It has been said in a prominent
american paper that Italy cannot
swing back to neutrality.
Bitter fighting is going on in the Northern, North Western
Russian armour is doing well even against
the 60 tons tigers.
East and South of Orel the Russians have
crossed a river.
Hitlers orders were as a prisoner said
to hold Catania at all costs. 
original text 0100  7/30/1943    House of Savoy.
Flying Fortress 
4/8 8 am
(up to this broadcast since previous
report unable to listen due to break-
down in electricity supply)

Could due to lateness this morning
only listen to part of headlines at
end of news bulletin

American forces occupied Troina
and the Canadians Regalbuto
In the Orel front Stisch was occupied
and the Russians are now 5
miles from Orel

4/8 6. pm Stewart Hibbard

More progress is reported from Sicily where
progress is very satisfactory especially
in the left sector.
In the central sector the allied positions
were strengthened. Catena vara and
Centuripe (spelling places not on
map!) the main objective is Adrano (Adiano)
Especially in the center fighting is
original text 0101  8/4/1943  for Stisch
read Stis'
for Catena vara
read Catenanuova 
The Americans advanced 6 miles along
the north coast.
Agira changed hands several times
before it was captured by the Canadians
Our land offensive coincided with
extensive airattacks. Adrano got the
heaviest attacks for several days
80 enemy trucks were destroyed
The allied navy has also been active.
US cruisers and destroyers bombarded
Caronia 6 miles beyond S Stefano
Naples was bombed by RAF Wellingtons
for the second night in succession
Southern Italy was also bombed from the
air. General Eisenhowers headquarters
are at Malta. There is little news from
The Germans are in retreat along both
sides of the Orel wedge. They are fighting a
losing battle. Orel is still held by the
Germans. 50 fresh places weer taken
yesterday. In the North West fighting
is heavy. Big German attacks in the Donetz
basin died down. In the Far East the Americans
reached Munda airfield from the Eastern end Japanese
resistance is stiffening. 200 troopbarges were sunk 
original text 0102  8/4/1943     
in the last 10 days and 29 yesterday
Discussions about the exchange of badly
wounded prisoners are taking place
with Germany.
Today is Queen Elizabeth's birthday. 
original text 0103  8/4/1943     
5/8/1943 8.= am Richard Wessel
The Russians reported shortly after mid-
night that they are back in Orel after 2
years of German occupation.
The Germans captured Orel in October 1941
and they now ..... what they call the
evacuation of it. Orel is the most
advanced base for the advance om
Over 80 places were captured by the
Russians. From Sicily there is no further
news except that the 8th army is
reported about 5 miles from Adrano
Yesterday late American medium
bombers with a fighter escort bombed
Le Tre (spelling?) near Rouan.
The shipping yard there was bombed
Hits were seen in the power house and
the machine creating shop.
Not one aircraft is missing
From Russia stiff fighting is reported
round Bjelgorod
Russian bombers pounded Bryansk
In the South West pacific there is hard
fighting round the airfields at Munda 
original text 0104  8/5/1943  for Le Tre
read Le Trait
for Rouan
read Rouen 
Sharp fighting is also reported in the North
East of New Guinea where the Australians
are 5 miles from Salamana.

5/8/1943. 6.= pm Frederick Allen

(Due to thunderstorm it was almost
impossible to follow the news bulletin)

Catania has fallen and was occupied
at 7.30 this morning.
Troops of the 8th army have also occupied
Our bombers attack Naples
3 E-boats were sunk by our aircraft
off Calais last night. 
original text 0105  8/5/1943     
6/8/1943. 8 am Frederick Allen

Late last night marshall Stalin announced
a double victory viz. the capture of
Bjelgorod and the complete and full
occupation of Orel. He issued an order
of the day.
In Orel there was fierce fighting in the streets
before the place was captured.
72 German planes were destroyed in
air combats.
In the fighting which led to the capture of
Bjelgorod 3000 Germans were killed,
40 tanks destroyed, another 40 captured
and 66 planes destroyed.
The 8th army entered Catania yesterday
morning. Our patrols during the night
had ascertained that the Germans were
clearing out. The roads were blocked not
in the least by many bombcraters
Catania is an utterly devastated
city. Around the harbour houses have
been damaged beyond repair.
Palermo was also taken.
For the first time Badoglio's cabinet has met
and issued a number of decrees.
One decree orders that in laws and 
original text 0106  8/6/1943     
orders "Duce" will be substituted by
Prime Minister.
Step by step the Americans are reducing
the Japanese position at Munda
airfield which is now surrounded.
Stiff fighting is reported from Ne Guinea
where the Japanese are strongly

6/5/1943 6 pm Frank Philips

British, Canadian and American troops are
making more progress along the line in
Sicily since the capture of Catania.
The 8th army from Catania is now 50
miles from Messina.
The germans are still holding out and at
Adrano. Biancaville has also been
captured. The Americans are attacking
Troina. The previous report that this
place has been taken is premature.
Orel is now behind the Russians. Bjelgorod
fell to mass-attacks by infantry from
the North East and under masterfull
airsupport. The Russian advance
continues. Near Izjum the Germans are
trying to regain lost ground 
original text 0107  8/6/1943     
In the South West Pacific Munda key-
airfield has been captured by the Allies
Sweden has cancelled the transit-
agreement whereby German troops and
supplies were allowed to pass through
that country to Norway.
The agreement was an unfriendly act.
All organised enemy resistance
at Munda has ceased. The campaign
lasted less than six weeks. 
original text 0108  8/6/1943     
7/8/1943. 8.= pm Frank Philips
The Russians have developed their success
at Orel and Bjelgorod into two further offensives
which are aimed at Brjansk and Charkow
respectively to the North and South.
Substantial progress has been made
especially in the drive towards Charkow.
The advance varies from 13 to 45 miles
and on the Orel front 4 to 6 miles.
Kromy some 40 kilometers to the
South West of Orel has also been
Patrolling is reported near Izjum.
66 German tanks and 114 planes were
destroyed resp. shot down.
The Germans falling back from Catania
are not using the coast road for fear
of bombardments from the sea.
A certain amount of luting took
place at Catania. Upon the request of
the mayor of Catania the carabinieri
were rearmed and are now patrolling
Catania's streets together with our
Heavy fighting is taking place before Adrano
and Biancaville.
In yesterday's report it was stated 
original text 0109  8/7/1943  for luting
read looting
for Charkow
read Charkiv or Kharkiv 
that Biancaville had been captured but
this should be Misterbianco.
The Americans are striving hard to
work themselves into Troina.
Our typhoons and mustangs shot up
railway engines in Northern France
which were damaged. 2 planes are
In the Solomons 7 out of 30 Japanese
Zero-fighters were shot down.
The German losses in a month battle
in Russia amount to 120000 men
killed and 12000 taken prisoner. 
original text 0110  8/7/1943    Misterbianco 
9/8/1943 8.= pm
The Russians are deepening their movement
outflanking Charkow from the North and
they have advanced further to Bryansk.
In the direction of Charkow the advance
amounts to 7.10 miles. Bogoduchow has
been captured. A place on the line from
Bjelgorod to Sumy has also been taken.
The advance has brought the Russians
some 65 miles west of Charkow.
16 miles North west of Charkow a place
has been captured.
On the Bryansk front over 130 more places
were taken and it can now be said that
the Russians are 20 miles back from Orel.
From the rest of the fronts patrol and
artillery activity is reported.
125 German planes were shot down.
There has been no further news during
the night from Sicily beyond the capture of
Braidi and Adrano which places were
taken on Saturday morning.
The naval shore depot at Rennes in
Northern France has been bombed by
our Bostons of which one is missing
yesterday. The S/S "Normandy" has been 
original text 0111  8/9/1943  for Bogoduchow
read Bogoduhovo(probably)

refloated in Hudson River

9.8.1943 6 pm Stewart Hibbard

Allied advances on all Sicilian fronts
are reported.
Acireale has been captured by the 8th
army which is the biggest news from that
army. The place is 8 miles from Catania.
Seaborn landings were carried out
by the Americans on the North Coast.
S. Agata and Fratello were captured
as well as Cesaro.
Our bombers were over Messina
and more damage was done to railway
installations and communications
on the Italian mainland.
We lost 2 planes and the enemy 7.
With a broadening front swift progress
is made in Russia. The railway from
Charkow to Sumy has been cut.
The advance on the Bryansk front has
been less spectacular.
In the Central Solomons .... aerodrome
was bombed and a naval depot nearby.
The Japanese are on the defensive
now. Frank Gillard our correspondent 
original text 0112  8/9/1943  for S. Agata
read Sant' Agata
for Fratello
read San Fratello 
on Sicily had an interview with the mayor
of Catania at whose disposal a day
after the capture of the town 50 tons of
flour were placed.
The allied administration is
allotting a ration of bread to the
people of Catania.
The shortage of flour has been so
acute that the people have not
tasted bread for a fortnight 
original text 0113  8/9/1943     
10/8/1943. 8.= am Stewart Hibbard

The Russians again advanced rapidly and had
the most succesfull day on the Charkow front
Two places 30 and 40 miles West of Charkow
were reached. 3 more stations on the rail
Northwest from Charkow were captured.
Much war material and considerable
territory was gained. ........ was
captured. The only direction of escape is South
and Southwest of Charkow.
In 2 days fighting 315 railway trucks with
supplies were captured.
Our bombers from this country were out over
Germany last night. During the day road
and railtargets in Northern France were
7 planes were destroyed and we lost 3.
Steady progress is also reported from the
Bryansk front but no change is reported from
other parts of the fronts.
There is no important news from Sicily
since yesterday's coast to coast
Allied forces are closing in on Randazzo 
original text 0114  8/10/1943     
and progressing along the coast from
Catania where they reached a point
45 miles from Messina.
Elmer Davies returned back in America
after a visit to Africa, Britain and

10/8/1943 6 pm Fred Allen

The Allies in Sicily are making slow
but steady progress along the whole
Patrols of the 8th army and the 7th
American army have linked up with
each other before Randozzo.
Heavy demolitions and stiff resistance
are met.
The coomunique confirmes that Bronte
is in our hands.
On the East side of the island German
resistance is fearce.
The navy bombarded Mascali Riposto
and Taormina. The allied airforces
continued their attacks on roadfunctions
at Messina.
Homebased bombers went to Mannheim-
Ludwigshafen. Our mosquitoes attacked 
original text 0115  8/10/1943  for fearce
read fierce 
objectives in the Ruhr and our fighters
attacked targets in France and the
Low Countries. 9 bombers are missing
and 2 planes of the enemy were shot
In the Solomons the Americans are
pushing North from Munda. Salamana
as well as ........ were raided.
Lord Woolton purchased the total 1943
teacrop which is the highest deal ever
made by the ministry. The british tearation
for next year is therefore secure.
In industrial areas ..... will
be distributed and 1 lb will be obtainable
The ministry has asked the trade not to
..... sale to regular customers.
The Russians are closing in on Charkow
from the West. Traffic from Charkow
out was bombed. There are no signes of the
Germans organising resistance.
The Russians have complete domination
in the air notwithstanding the enemy is
strenghtening his force from other .........
Before Bryansk slow progress being made
and the enemy is retreating orderly.
British coldstorage capacity is 2 1/2 times that
of pre-war storage 
original text 0116  8/10/1943     
11/8/1943n8.= am Fred Allen

Mr Churchill is in Canada for warconferences.
later talks will be held with President
Roosevelt and the combined chiefs of staff
of USA and Britain.
Mr. W.C. is staying at Quebec.
The Russian army is closing in on Charkow.
A place 14 miles away from Sumy has
been captured.
Soviet bombers attacked transport between
Donetz and ...., on the Orel front.
........ was taken 35 tanks were
destroyed and 48 planes shot down.
In the direction of Bryansk the Russians
are more than 30 miles from Orel.
In Sicily Allied forces are closing in
on Randazzo and making progress
steadily. This is being done by the Americans
from Cesaro and the 8th army from
Bronte. Our Lancasters bombers were
over Germany last night. There has been
slight enemy activity over this country
last night over East Anglia bombs fell on
one place. The German commentator
...... broadcast for the first time 
original text 0117  8/11/1943    Orel 
yesterday that things are going badly in

11/8/1943 6.= pm Rich Wessel

Allied forces in Sicily make small but
steady progress along the coast road.
Fighting near Randazzo is heavy.
..... was captured 40 miles from
Messina. Germans carry out demolitions
on a lavish scale and there also plenty
Acoording to a German prisoner
their companies have been reduced
from 200 to 20 men.
Airattacks were carried out on both
sides of the street. we lost 5 planes
and the enemy 6.
Cruisers and destroyers of the navy
penetrated the Gulf of Naples
and bombed a place where there are
repair shops. In S. Italy railway
bridges were attacked in a similar
way. Mr Churchill attended a meeting
of the warcabinet. Canadian
chiefs of staff met British chiefs 
original text 0118  8/11/1943     
mr. Roosevelt met members of the Pacific
war council.
mr. Halifax arrived in Britain.
Last night a heavy attack was carried
out on Nürnberg which shows that we
fly deeper into Germany. The partial
evacuation of Berlin is also announced
Nürnberg is an important railway
junction. 16 of our bombers were lost
last night. 3 enemy fighters were destroyed
The Americans on New Georgia are
still closing in on the last point the
enemy holds on this island.
More red army progress is reported in
closing in on Charkow
Half way between Orel and Bryansk
Chotinetz has been captured.
The Russians are still a dozen miles from
Cahrkow. They have made fresh crossings
of the Donetz and are now closing in on Charkow
from the East 10 stations on
the railway to Sumy were taken.
German reserves on this front are now
in action but this fact is not holding
the Russians up 
original text 0119  8/11/1943  for Chotinetz
read Hotynec (probably) 
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