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12/8/1943 8.= am. Rich. Wessel

The enemy in Charkow is now in greater
danger. The Russians closed in still
further and the railway to Poltawa
has been cut.
Only one railway line is open for
The advance amounts to from 8 to
12 miles. The Russians now stand
40 miles from Poltawa and the
advance goes on. They come closer to
Charkow and they have now captured
a place 7 1/2 miles away from that city.
Stalin has been near by the British
and United States ambassadors
yesterday. Mr Molotov was also present
Mr. Churchill and President Roosevelt
will meet soon at Quebec.
They will examine the report of
the chiefs of staff and the military
possibilities in Europe this year will
be considered. From other Russian
fronts reconnaissance activity is
reported. 85 tanks were destroyed
The allied forces on Sicily are maintain- 
original text 0120  8/12/1943  for Poltawa read Poltava   
ning steady pressure on the retreating
The Germans are fighting a stubborn
rearguard action.
A town on the South West Coast of England
has been attacked. One plane has
been destroyed. Bombs fell also in
other places. Whirlwinds with a Polish
Spitfire escort shot up ships near
Britanny. Gracie Fields flew home
from America yesterday.

12/8/1943 6.= pm Robert Robinson
In Sicily for the second time a
landing force has landed behind the
enemy lines in the North. American
warships supported the action
The direct attack on Randazzo is
meeting opposition. The 8th army is
progressing along the Coast road.
Correspondents in Sicily say that the
Germans are evacuating Sicily
for our bombers a new target was
found on the Italian mainland in
Terni an important junction 40
miles North of Rome 
original text 0121  8/12/1943     
This place was attacked yesterday by flying
fortresses. One plane is missing.
General Alexander saw a first visit to
Palermo, the Sicilian capital and
visited also the bishop there who
has agreed to co-operate with us.
The Americans announced a little
while ago that flying fortresses had
today bombed industrial targets in
Germany. Further details are not
yet available but thye Germans say that
Bonn was bombed.
Last night one town in the country
got a sharp attack.
During July 167 civilians were killed in
this country by airraids and 210
prople injured.
mr. Churchill arrived in the USA.
The Russian advance on Charkow
makes good progress and they are
closing in. There is only one line out of
Charkow left to them i.e. to the South
....... has been captured. In the S.W.
Pacific aircraft carried out attacks
on Japanese shipping off New Ireland
also 18 supply barges were sunk off New
Guinea. Lord Walton has been touring
Warwickshire agricultural district
and spoke at Stratford on avon 
original text 0122  8/12/1943  for Stratford on avon
read Stratford-upon-Avon 
13/8/1943 8.= am. Robert Robinson
The Germans are leaving Sicily
according to reports from our
correspondents the evacuation is
in full swing. A regular ferry service
between Sicily and the mainland
is maintained and carried out
by some 80 small boats ...
different types
The evacuation is guarded by the
biggest concentration of anti
aircraft guns in the world. Some 200
heavy guns and a similar number
of light guns is employed and as material
comes back from Sicily this is added
too. The Germans who are evacuated
must bring their weapons and arms
with them otherwise they are not allowed
to cross. The allied navy and airforces
are doing all they can to hamper this
evacuation but it looks as if the
bulk of the troop will be able to get
away. Our bombers were over Italy
last night. Swiss reports from the
Italian frontier say that Milaan got
a heavy attack. More progress is reported 
original text 0123  8/13/1943     
from the Bryansk and Charkow sectors.
A place only 5 miles from Charkow
has been reached. In the far East the
Americans continue to advance
on New Georgia. Bad weather is holding
up our airoffensive. A third attack
on Japanese territory proper was
carried out by the Americans.
There is no further news about mr.

13/8/1943 6.= pm Morris Shillington

Rome was bombed again this morning
by American bombers based on Northern
Africa both by heavy and medium
bombers. Marshalling yards were
attacked which attacks started shortly
after 11 o'clock. The San Lorenzo yards were
attacked by heavy bombers and the
Littoria yards by medium Venturas
and Merodas. I was an all American
show which lasted 1 1/2 hours. Commander
Dolittle commanded the forces.
The Rome raid followed a heavy attack
on Milaan which was carried out
in greater strenght than before 
original text 0124  8/13/1943     
Turin was also attacked at the same
time. Our mosquitoes were over
Berlin, France and the Low Countries
7 bombers are missing. An enemy
E-boat was sunk by our fighters off
the coast of France. One enemy fighter
was shot down. Both attacks on Milaan
and Turin were highly concentrated.
At Milaan there are chemical works
and also motorcarfactories and factories
manufactoring aeroplane-engines.
Turin is the seat of the Fiat works
Stiff fighting is reported from Sicily but every day
the allies are beating a little into the
....... held by the enemy. The Americans
are 4 miles from Randazzo. On the East
coast resistance is even stronger but we
are reaching Giarre. Ships of the navy bombed
targets on the East Coast. 17 axis planes were
lost and 10 of ours are missing. The airfield
at Naples was bombed whereas Bostons and
......... bombed Reggio. Targets in Greece were
also attacked. The Russians are progressing
in the direction of Bryansk and Charkow.
A place 5 miles east of Karatschew was
captured. No news has been received of
mr. Churchill's movements. 
original text 0125  8/13/1943  for Karatschew
read Karacev 
Sir John Anderson arrived by plane in
England this afternoon.
Minister Lord Woolton spoke at
............... today.
Slight enemy airactivity over East Anglia
last night. Few bombs were dropped
and theer are no casualties 
original text 0126  8/13/1943     
14/8/1943 8.= pm ?

Randazzo has fallen. American troops of the
7th army entered the town yesterday morning.
It was bitterly defended by crack German
troops. More than 500 tons of bombs were
dropped on Rome yesterday.
In the first raid on that city over 1000
tons of bombs were dropped.
All planes returned safely.
According to reports from the crews
Rome's defences were strenghtened.
5 enemy fighters were shot down.
According to Swiss reports there have
been new demonstrations in Milaan
for peace. Troops are patrolling the streets.
This followed the ..... raid om this
town last Thursday.
More destruction in the Fiat works
is reported from Turin.
The Russians are now only one mile
from Charkow.
Moer than 30 places were captured.
The Russians are now 3 miles from
Karatschew and less than 30 miles from
Salamana got the biggest bombingraid 
original text 0127  8/14/1943     
Over 177 tons of bomb were dropped
in an attack which lasted 45 minutes
we lost 2 machines and 13 of the enemy
were shot down.
Japanese bombers made a raid
on Darwin but no damage was
caused. More employees both men
and women will be made available
from the wholesale fruit and vegetable
Tomatoes from Monday onwards will
be retailed at 1/4 ... per lb. 
original text 0128  8/14/1943     
16/8/1943 8.= am (this is 7 am British time)
Frederick Allen

Our bombers raided Northern Italy again
last night.
Swiss reports say that Milaan ws again
the target and got a heavy pounding
This place has now been bombed for the
third time in 4 days.
The growing peace-demonstrations there
have led to riots and a new climax.
The city's mayor has resigned.
Our planes going out to Italy met
Britisg and American fortresses
coming back from attacks on Continental
St. ..... was attacked by our merodas.
In all 7 airfields including Flushing
were bombed.
Sweeps were carruied out over Belgian and
Dutch coasts.
There was some activity over this country
last night and one town got a sharp
attack. Damage was caused and there were 
original text 0129  8/16/1943     
some casualties.
Bombs were also dropped on other places
in the South.
5 planes were shot down.
Karatschew 40 miles from Bryansk
was captured as well as 70 places and
towns north of Karatschew.
In the Charkow sector the Germans
counterattacked but the Russians
repelled these attacks and took some
more places. Fighting takes now place
on the outskirts of Charkow.
In Sicily the evacuation of the Germans
is going so rapidly that our troops are
losing contact with the enemy.
On the East Coast we are 35 miles from
Messina. The Americans from Randazzo
have cut the road near Francaville
and in the North they are 20 miles from
Messina. During aircombats the Japanese
lost 45 planes and we 5. In America the
cruiser Alaska was launched.
mr Churchill got back to Quebec yesterday.
In the USA mr WC stayed at Hyde Park the
New York house of Pres. Roosevelt.
This confirmed now that mr. Eden
will later join in the discussions. 
original text 0130  8/16/1943  for Francaville
read Francaville di Sicilia 
8.= am Frank Philips
Our bombers were out last night and from reports
from Switzerland it seems to have been
Italy's turn again. It is reported that airraid
airraid warnings sounded in Northern Italy.
Further details are not yet available but
during the day American and RAF bombers
kept up the offensive by bombing 7 more
airfields inNorthern France.
36 fighter planes were destroyed for a loss of
10 bombers and 10 fighters. Le Bourget airfield
near Paris used for the distribution of
fighters included. The fortresses met with
strong oppostion. 17 fighters were destroyed
by the bombers and the same number by
our escorting thunderbolts. 2 more enemy
fighter were also destroyed. In the evening
Bostons attacked a shellworks near
Today a ... ago the Americans started their
raid. Since that date 82 missions were
flown, over thousands of bombs dropped
and some 400 aircraft lost.
There was little enemy activity over the
Thames estuary last night. A few bombs 
original text 0131  8/17/1943     
were dropped over scattered parts and one
person is reported killed.
The Russians had a good day in the Bryansk
offensive and they are now well under
20 miles from this German base.
After capturing Karatschew it appears
that this is a strong outpost. 100 guns,
40 tanks were captured.
The fate of Cahrkow hangs in balance.
For 5 days now the Russians report counter-
attacks. During one day nearly 90 tanks
and 60 planes were destroyed.
Taormina has been occupied and on
the North Coast the Americans are now
17 miles away from Messina.
Oil installations on the east Coast of
Borneo at Balikpapan were set on fire
by the Australians.
In the landfighting near Salamana
we made some headway.
There were reports yesterday about
trouble in Norway. All Norway is now
under military law. 
original text 0132  8/17/1943     
18/8/1943 8.- am (dutch time) R. Robinson

The Allied occupation of Messian is complete.
British troops have joined the Americans in
the town. The 7th US army and the 8th army have
joined forces in the town. The occupation of
Sicily is complete. After 3 consecutive nights
af attacks on Italian targets our bombers have
been to Germany last night. In daylight
yesterday American heavy bombers went
to Germany penetrating deeper than ever
before into that country. A ball-bearing
factory at Schweinfurt in Bavaria and the
Messerschmidt aircraft factory at
Regensburg near Czech border and on the
Danube were attacked.
The attacking forces went over in 3 parts
with a thunderbolt and Spitfire escort.
Some of the planes flew to Northern
Africa over the Alps. Heavy opposition of
enemy fighters was met. Some 200 appeared
at a time attacking 4 abreast.
36 heavy bombers, 1 fighter bomber and
5 fighters were lost. Our merodas
attacked enemy airfields in Northern France.
24 fighters were destroyed.
There were some enemy aircraft over England 
original text 0133  8/18/1943     
South East England. Bombs were dropped
on a few scattered points.
In all 9 enemy aircraft were destroyed,
6 over this country and 3 over their
base in occupied country.
American flying fortresses made their
first attack in Southern France by
aircraft based in North Africa. An
airfields at Marseilles was bombed.
Our Russian allies advanced from 2 to
4 miles on the Bryansk front.
Fighting is heaviest around Charkow
where the Germnans are counterattacking
During mondaynight Russian bombers
attacked 2 stations of Bryansk and other places.
Only 2 Russian bombers are missing from
all their widespread raids.
Ennemy batteries in the foor of Italy
are shelling Messina.
Allied bombers attacked the Italian
Pres. Roosevelt has arrived in Quebec where
the Earl of Athlone has given a diner to
the president and mr. Churchill 
original text 0134  8/18/1943     
18/8/1943 2pm (dutch time)

It has been formally announced in today's
communique from North Africa that all
resistance in Sicuily has ceased.
The Germans left a lot of material
Nearly every building in Messina as
our correspondents report bears scores
of our airattacks.
6000 people in Messina have lived for over
a month in an airraidshelter.
German batteries have shelled Messina
from the mainland and ours have replied.
Not one Middle East aircraft is
missing from all the operations carried
Swiss correspondent report great disorganisation
at Milaan, Turin and so on.
Thousands of people have fled from Milaan
to the border mostly without any papers.
An Italian diplomatic mission has
arrived at Lisbon. In Russia fighting is
heaviest round Charkow. West of the city the
Germans in their counterattack threw in
100 heavy tanks with strong support of the
airforce. Railwaystation 100 miles South 
original text 0135  8/18/1943     
of Charkow were attacked by Russian bombers.
In the North the Russians again
In trhe Bryansk battle 2000 Germans were
killed. Last night we carried out a heavy
and well concentrated airattack on
Peenemünde, some 60 miles North West
of Stettin. The researchstation there,
the largest of Germany was bombed.
.. of our bombers and one fighters is missing
About 50 planes raided this country
last night. In all 11 planes were shot down
7 over this country and 4 over their bases
in occupied country.
In the South West Pacific 220 Japanese
planes on the ground were caught.
At least 120 of them were destroyed against
a loss of 3 of ours. The Japs lost in this
attack alone 1500 men. 
original text 0136  8/18/1943     
19/8/1943 8.= am Robert Robinson
The Russians have resumed their advance
on the Charkow front after repelling violent
German counterattacks.
Yhey are axtending their move outflanking
the city.
More than 70 miles due West of
Charkow they reached a place. In another
direction viz. Northwest of Charkow
places 10 miles from Sumy were
The advance on the Bryansk front makes
good progress.
Allied aircraft in the South West Pacific
made anothet devastating raid
on the airfields at New Guinea for the
second time running. The enemy lost in
both our attacks all 225 but 10 planes.
We lost in two days six planes.
Balikpapan was again attacked.
During aircombats the Japanese sent
up 50 fighters of which 28 were destroyed.
Two new guns have come of our secret list
a B.L. 4.5 and a B.L. 5.5 both howitzers
The first one fires a 50 lb shell and the
second one a 100 lb shell 
original text 0137  8/19/1943     
19/8/1943 2 pm Frank Philips
The allied navy and airforces have kept
up activity against Italy. USA naval forces
have started shelling the Italian
.... activity is .... to occasional
shelling over the streets of Messina
Over Bizerta 6 enemy bombers were shot
down. 3 of our planes are missing.
The airfield in New Guinea has been
bombed to annihilation. Also town
and harbour areas were attacked.
Japanese losses are 215 planes. Liberators
made a round trip of 2600 miles to Balikpapan
11 large vessels in the harbour probably
tankers were destroyed. Fires were caused
in refinery and harbour area.
The Russians are on the advance again in
the Charkow sector after repelling violent
attacks by crack German troops. .......... was
captured. In the Bryansk sector 2 stations were
captured. One 20 miles n west and one the same
distance due east of Bryansk. 40 places were also
taken. A German E-boat was sunk by one of our
fighter planes off Ostend. 8 railway engines
were also attacked. One fighter is missing 
original text 0138  8/19/1943     
20/8/1943. 8.= am dutch time Stewart Hibbard

Brendan Bracken at a pressconference in Quebec
has spoken about the vital importance
of discussions there.
No announcement can be expected before
the end of the conference
A british mission has arrived in
The South West Pacific's communique
reports continuous air attacks against
Timor and the Solomons.
Yesterday evening flying fortresses were sent
out to bomb two airfields in Holland
viz. Gilze-Rijen and Flushing. The fortresses
themselves shot down 16 fighters.
At the same time the escorting thunderbolts
and Spitfires arried out sweeps over Northern
France and shot down 8 fighters.
A portion of our fortresses brought their bombs
back rather than kill Netherlanders.
There were low clouds over the target and it was
no weather for high level bombing.
mr. Churchill received congratulations
from the king on completion of Sicilian
campaign. Good progress reported from
Bryansk and Charkow sectors. 
original text 0139  8/20/1943     
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