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harbour and remained there for 9 hours
is said to have escaped to Sweden
after news programparade which is
followed by the kitchen.....

1/9/1943. 2.= p.m. Fred Allen.

A great weight of high explosives was dropped on
Berlin in 3/4 of an hour last night.
Berlin was heavily bombed. Also
with incendiaries. Due to low clouds visibility
was bad but large fires were seen and great
damage done. 48 bombers are missing
A great number of evening planes were
sent up by the Germans of which a number
were destroyed in combat.
8 night ago Berlin got 1700 tons of bombs
in 50 ..........
During yesterday's daylight raid on France
at least 10 evening fighters were destroyed.
Overhere slight damage was done.
This morning .... guns from France opened
up fire for half an hour.
The Red army is going all out to exploit
their successes at Bryansk and ..... . 
original text 0160  9/1/1943  for Bryansk
also read Brjansk 
Smolensk used to be Hitler's headquarters
it's a most important place to the Germans
fierce battles are taking place due to
Germans counterattacking. Russians are
now 100 miles west of Koersk.
Allied naval quarters in North Africa
have issued a naval communique a
little while ago that two British battleships
well protected by fighters, destroyers and
..... have steamed into the Street of
Messina and bombarded Cape South of
Reggio. This bombardments took place
yesterday morning and so far the
greatest naval bombardments of the war.
The battleships have 16 inch guns.
Aircraft based on North Africa have
bombed Pisa.
The Pope has first been broadcasting
an appeal for peace but further
details are not yet available. A young
Dane, who arrived in a rowingboat in
Sweden has said, that on Sunday in
Copenhagen a German tank has shot on
the Guards' Barracks. In the evening
shooting took place in every part of the
original text 0161  9/1/1943     
2/9/1943. 9.= am (dutch time) Rob. Robinson

4000 Germans were trapped in Taganrof
4 German divisions had ....... losses.
Some 500 tanks and a same number
of guns were lost
The advance unto the northern Donetz
basin continues. 30 places round ......
were captured.
Progress is reported on other fronts further
There is no further news about the
Russian breakthrough in the N. Ukraine
where the advance amounted to
from 4 to 6 miles
In the Smolensk area the advance
is from 5 to 7 1/2 miles and the Russians
are now less than 50 miles from
Boston's of the .... squadron
escorted by typhoons attacked marshalling
yards at Roosendaal
Of the ...... a seagoing barge was
attacked. No planes were lost
Mr & Mrs. Churchill arrived in Washington
yesterday and were met by Pres. Roosevelt
Allied troops are closing in on 
original text 0162  9/2/1943  for Taganrof
read Taganrog
for Donetz basin
read Donets'k basin 
Salamana airfield
27 barges were destroyed or damaged
around New Guinea
Over the Solomons 36 Japanese fighters
were shot down
W.W. Jacobs, the author died .. ... 80th
year in London yesterday. He wrote
ao. "Many Cargoes" published in 1896

2/9/1943 2.= pm dutch time Rich Wessel

The Russian armies continue to converge on
Smolensk. In the North East they have reached
and no doubt passed Dorogobusch
More progress is expected from Donetz-,
....- and Charkow-sectors.
In the defeat at Tanganrof 8 German divisions
were ..... ....... ... pantser- and
one airborne division
According to communique from Allied
headquarters in North Africa light bombers have
Tuesdaynight attacked military camps in
S. Italy. Airfields near Tarento an Averso
9 miles North of Naples were also attacked
Mass arrests are taking place in
Denmark more than 50 people were
killed in Copenhagen and some 100 wounded 
original text 0163  9/2/1943  for Dorogobusch
read Dorogobuz
for Donetz
read Donets'k
for Taganrof
read Taganrog
for Tarento
read Taranto 
New disturbances have broken out
Not one allied plane is missing
from the raid on Italy
The fighting between Danish and German
troops which lasted a few hours was
stopped by order of king Christiaan.
The Danish minister at Stockholm
and his staff have resigned and they
consider themselves independent.
The Swedish primate has broadcast
asking christians to pray for peace
Lord Louis Mountbatten is back in
London from the Quebec conference
England has a good potato crop. 
original text 0164  9/2/1943     
3/9/1943 9.= am (dutch time) Morris Shillington
3 1/2 hours ago British and Canadian forces of
the 8th army under command of general
Eisenhower landed on the toe of Italy.
They are being supported by naval and
and airforces and continue their advance.
They have attacked across the Strait of Messina
opposite Messina on the Italian mainland.
....... ... enemy coastal guns were destroyed.
Fighting as expecetd to be severe. Fiercer German
resistance is expected than on Sicily.
During the last hour there has been no further
news. Axis stations have not yet broadcast
the news. The landing comes 17 days after
Messina fell.
The whole Central Southern fronts in Russia
are active. The Russians are meeting strong
strong resistance from Koersk. The advance is
now beyond Zzefskan. The whole Koersk-
province has been cleared.
The railway from Bryansk has been cut.
....... is the most westerly point
sofar occupied. The elimanation of a strong
German pocket at ..... is announced.
The advance also continues North, East and 
original text 0165  9/3/1943  for Bryansk
also read Brjansk 
South in Donetz basin.
Two towns on Donetz River were taken.
......... .................. .
In the Eastern end of the Donetz basin
5 places amongst which ........
were taken.
South of the Donetz basin along the coast of
the Sea of Azow the Russians are ....
is officially stated pursueing the Germans and
they are there 25 miles from Marioepol.
Sovietbombers attacked German troops
.... Southwest of Charkow and before
Smolensk where the Germans are ....... .
4000 Germans were killed and 40 tanks
destroyed whereas 40 guns were captured.
Airfields and other targets over teh Channel
were attacked. 4 fighters were shot down.
We lost 1 medium bomber, one light
bomber and two fighters. The bombing was
especially carried out in the Pas de Calais
area. by flying fortresses escorted by
thunderbolts, merodas, mitchells, Venturas,
Bostons. A railway function in the line
Paris to Dieppe was also bombed.
Japanese basis in New Guinea ... ......
bombing sofar ... ..... tons of bombs 
original text 0166  9/3/1943  for Donetz basin
read Donets'k basin
for Marioepol
read Mariupol
for Charkow
read Charkiv 
20 Japanese fighters were encountered.
In the Solomons the enemy tried 5 times
to bomb our positions.
5 divebombers were shot down and 4
more by anti-aircraft fire.
Today is a national day of prayer
and work will be stopped all over the country
for the 15 minute-service.

3/9/1943. 2.= pm. dutch time Robert Robinson
The invasion of Italy's mainland started
at half past 4 this morning on the 4th
anniversary of Britain's entry into the
....... an allied naval communique has
been published.
Cruisers, destroyers, gunboats and small
naval craft escorted our landingcraft.
Correspondents say that it was still dark and
that there was no moon.
Yesterday evening and last night a ...
was reached in the tremendous bombing
and shelling.
The Italians made the first announcements
before noon today and they say that operations
took place on a large scale.
The Germans say landing took place. 
original text 0167  9/3/1943     
in the neighbourhood of Reggio and San
The big question for the Germans and
Italians will be what will the Americans
do? The country in the South of Italy is
Italy got a new heavy blow when the only
only direct railway communication between
Germany and Italy was cut.
Bolzano, South of the Brennerpas and
Trente 30 miles further South as well as
Bologna still further South were heavily
One of our heavy bombers is missing
medium bombers attacked attacked railway
targets North of Naples.
Targets in Southern Italy were also
attacked. From all the operations
15 of our planes are missing and
in all 34 enemy planes were destroyed.
Preveza on the west coast of Greece as well
as shipping there was also bombed.
This morning large numbers of our
have been out carrying out
attacks over the Channel.
In Russia villages beyong Sumy were
(I could not listen further to
this bulletin due to interuption) 
original text 0168  9/3/1943  for Trente
read Trento 
4/9/1943. 9.= am (dutch time) Steward Hibbard.
Our bombers attacked targets in Berlin during
the night. No further official report about
the landing in Italy has been received.
our correspondents have described our air
superiority over the Street and the preparations for
the landing in Italy.
Nothing fresh about landing. Germans say heavy
fighting takes place and our tanks are said to be
engaged near Scilla, North of Reggio. There was no
intervention by air from the enemy. The invasionports
were in Sicily to which ports our men went down
with their material. It looks like a London trafficjam
but 10 times greater. Our men sitting ..... on
their gunbarrels etc. sucking grapes and .....
they bought from the farmers. It looks like a huge
motorcarpark at arrival. Every ... had at least
made one landing. Our bombers were over Berlin
last night. American fortresses, merodas,
mitchells and venturas escorted by hundreds of
fighters were very busy over France yesterday.
The Renault factories (not motorcarworks) where
fighter aircraft are repaired by the Germans were
bombed. In all we lost 12 planes and
destroyed 29 enemy planes.
This morning the enemy fired shells over
the street of Dover and warnings were
sounded in the Dover area. 
original text 0169  9/4/1943     
In the Donetz basin over 150 more places
were occupied of which 21 are ..... and
which are industrial towns and ... stations.
The Germans are in full retreat from the Donetz
basin. They are mining roads and blocking
bridges which do not ... ... the Russians.
More than 4000 Germans were killed.
In the Northern Donetz sector places were occupied
near ........... . North of Konotop places
were occupied whereas the Russians are now
within 15 miles of Konotop. North of Konotop
the advance is 6 miles and in the Smolensk
area 4 miles.
Down in the Charkow sector German resistance
is tougher. Counterattacks are being carried out.
Allied bombers in S.W. Pacific attacked
supplyships. 3 ships, each 7000 tons were
sunk and a smaller ship was set on
fire. 35 fighters tried to intercept our
planes but 12 were shot down, 8 probably
shot down and 5 were damaged. 
original text 0170  9/4/1943  for Donetz basin
read Donets'k basin
for Charkow
read Charkiv 
4/9/1943. 2.= pm. dutch time Morris Shillington

Our troops in Sicily have made fast progress.
Reggio and San Giovanni have been captured
as well as a large number of prisoners
The axis radio reports further landings in
the toe of Italy.
Berling was bombed for 20 minutes, the attack
was a highly concentrated one. 1000 tons
of bombs were dropped. 22 bombers are missing
Allied headquarters in North Africa report
that British and Canadian troops of the 8th
army made good progress after encountering
relatively weak resistance. The demolitions
which were carried out by the enemy were
ineffective and the advance continues.
Additional landings with troops and
..... were well in advance of schedule
further landings were carried out
between Cape Spartivento and Melito
.... bombers carried out attacks on
communications and railways in
Southern Italy. Airfields, road and
rail centres on either side of the
peninsula were bombed as well as
North of Naples. In the centre of Italy
70 miles East of Rome marshalling
yards were attacked as well as an 
original text 0171  9/4/1943     
explosives factory. 27 fighters were destroyed
and 6 Allied planes have not returned.
Berlin was attacked by a strong force
of Lancasters and the rais was a highly
concentrated one.
Objectives in the Rhineland and in the Low
Countries were also bombed.
22 bombers are missing from the
night's work.
For Russian news see report about
9.= o'clock news 
original text 0172  9/4/1943     
6/9/1943 9.= am. dutch time Rich. Wessel.

No fresh development is reported from S. Italy.
40 miles of Italian beaches on the main-
land side of the Street of Messina are in our
hands. Prisoners we have taken have been
...... for bread. They had been living on fruits
and vegetables. .............. ......... .
The Italian soldiers walked down the road
to our troops. The population accepted
the invasion as a matter of course.
...... officials were with the first troops
On every front the Russians are pushing
on. Especially in the Donetz basin and
the Northern Ukraine valuable ground
was won. 300 places were taken and 7000
Germans killed. 5000 civilians which
were about to be driven for slave
labour were rescued. Places 17 miles
East of Stalino were captured as well
as ........ 40 miles North East of
Stalino. West and South West of Charkow
the Russians also push forward
improving their positions. The advance
has been costly to the enemy and ......
some 4 to 6 miles. 100 more places were
captured. On the .....-front the advance 
original text 0173  9/6/1943  Transcriber's note:
for Donetz basin
read Donets'k basin
for Charkow
read Charkiv
for Stalino
read Donets'k
(From 1924 to 1961
it was called Stalino) 
to 5 to 6 miles. Germans counterattacking
on the Smolensk front the enemy's offensive
continues but the enemy is counteratta-
cking heavily.
In the South West pacific Allied troops
(Australian jungle fighters) have
landed in Central New Guinea
near Lae on which town they are
moving. McArthur who has his headquar-
ters on New Guinea is leading the
troops. The ................ take
under the command of
general ...... . Landings were
carried out in heavy force.
21 Japanese planes were shot down
for a loss of 2 of ourselves.
Lae itself got the biggest raid from the
air sofar and this means the second
attack in 24 hours.
Our bombers were over Germany last
2.= pm. Frederick Allen.
In S. Italy the 8th army progressed slowly
in all sectors yesterday. This in spite extensive
demolitions and the mountainous
country. S. Stefano has been captured
whereas 3000 prisoners were taken.
The resistance is relatively weak 
original text 0174  9/6/1943     
but the people are friendly.
....... N.E. of Rome and Grazanissa N.
Naples as well as landinggrounds and
radiostations in Sardinia were bombed.
7 axis planes were shot down. 2 allied
planes are missing. The penetration
into S. Italy is 10 miles at the deepest.
........ ........ was
attacked in very great strenght last
night. ........ is a chemical
and armaments center. Considerable
damage was done. Objectives in the
Low Countries were also raided.
France and Belgium were attacked.
9 enemy planes were destroyed.
34 bombers and one fighter are
missing. In daylight today American
bombers were over Southern Germany.
At no part of the Russian front Germans
have been able to stay. 
original text 0175  9/6/1943  for Grazanissa
read Grazzanise 
7/9/1943. 9.= am dutch time. Robert Robinson

From S. Italy there has been nothing new
during the night. All day long yesterday
our aircraft carried out attacks on
Italian targets. Radio Algiers reported
yesterday evening that San Stefano has been
captured as well as villages in the hills
behind. During the raids on Italian
targets 7 enemy aircraft were destroyed
and we lost 4. In the Donetz Basin and
the Northern Ukraine the Russians are
attacking as fast as possible.
Notwithstanding the Germans are counter-
attacking continually Konotop has been
captured. In the Donetz basin the advance
amounted to from 9 1/2 to 15 miles.
More than 100 places were captured
Stalino 8 miles further has not yet
fallen. ....... was captured.
Near Charkow large further counterattacks
are taking place by the Germans.
Russians are now progressing in
the direction of .......
German troops in the Smolensk and
Brjansk area have been bombed
Parachutetroops have landed
behind the Japanese positions at Lae 
original text 0176  9/7/1943  for Donetz basin
read Donets'k basin
for Charkow
read Charkiv
for Stalino
read Donets'k
(From 1924 to 1961
it was called Stalino) 
General McArthur watched the attack
which lasted 4 hours in a flying fortress.
A further Japanes position has been
destroyed with 95 tons of bombs.
The Japanese headquarters at
Lae have been destroyed completely
with a direct hit.
A large fleet of planes covered the fighters
About 100 people lost their lives in
a traindisaster North of Philadelphia
in the USA. The worst traincrash the
States have had.
The Polish ambasador was killed when
fell from a horse.
Our homebased bombers were out over
Germany last night. A few hours after
our nightattack on Mannheim
American heavy fortresses covered
by thunderbolts attacked targets in
Stuttgart. Some 70 fighters which
enemy sent up were destroyed.
35 American aircraft and 5 fighters
were lost. 12 enemy planes were shot
down. A few bombers crossed our
coast causing little damage and
a small number of casualities.
4 planes were destroyed. 
original text 0177  9/7/1943     
7/9/1943. 2.= pm. dutch time R. Wessel.
The 8th army have occupied Palmi and advanced
throughout yesterday notwithstanding the
extensive demolitions and the difficult
Homebased bombers attack .....
last night 16 planes are missing
The attack was heavy and seems to have
been concentrated and effective.
Airfields in France were also attacked.
American bombers have been over
Belgium and France this morning.
The Congression Express broke in two
and 10 coaches piled on top of each other.
54 bodies have been recovered
The 20th Century ..... also derailed
on its way from Chicago to New York. 
original text 0178  9/7/1943     
8/9/1943. 9.= am dutch time Morris Shillington
The Russian army have cut the direct railway-
lines between teh Central and the Southern fronts.
In the Donetz Basin some 90 more places
and sizeable towns were captured
and the advance amounts to from 6 to 12
miles. Stalino has not yet fallen but been
outflanked. On Monday railway
junctions in the German rear were
bombed. On Charkow front the advance is
from 2 1/2 to 4 miles. In the Northern
Ukraine the advance is 10 miles and 150
villages were captured. The railway line
cut is the most important one of all
........ railways from the Baltic
through ..... to the South. The cut is 7
miles wide and near .......
Since the 5th July the German losses in
killed and wounded are given at 1 1/2
million and 40000 prisoners.
From operations over Italy 4 of our
planes are missing. American
parachutetroops are only 20 miles
from Lae and from the Nort East
Australian troops are moving forward
and closing in. Our bombers have
been attacking Japanese positions 
original text 0179  9/8/1943  for Morris Shillington
read Maurice Shillington
for Donetz basin
read Donets'k basin
for Stalino
read Donets'k
(From 1924 to 1961
it was called Stalino) 
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Records 161 to 180 of 422