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heavily. A new Australian fighter called
Boomerang is now in action at Lae.
Its a long range fighter.
In East Anglia some bombs were dropped
which caused little damage. No lives
were lost.
Radio Vatican gave parts of a pastoral
....... read from the pulpit in Germany
wherein the Bishops call the people
back to Christian belief.
The Argentine has applied for Lease-Lend
assistance but this request has met
with a sharp rebuff from Cordell Hull
who rejected it. Contrary to the Rio de Janeiro
pledge the Argentine has not broken of
financial relations with the axis
and has allowed axis espionage
which has caused Allied loss of lives
and ships.
General Marshall said that Russia
binds 4/5 of the German ground forces
and 1/3 of its airforces. On the outbreak of
war America had 93000 officers, now
half a million. The USA. airforces total
2000.000 officers and men. From the USA 2400
tanks, 3000 planes, 60000 jeeps, 80000 trucks were
sent to Russia. American forces are now
serving in 50 countries 
original text 0180  9/8/1943    Boomerang 
8/9/1943. 2.= pm dutch time

8th army troops have reached a river 5 miles
East of Palmi. ... ..... was also
occupied. No encounters are taking place with
axis rearguard.
A Dane who is said to have blown up a locomotive
has been shot for sabotage.
The Germans say they have evacuated Stalino.
The German losses in Russia as ...... this
morning comprise killed alone 420.000
The warmaterial destroyed includes
8400 tanks, 5000 guns, 28000 motorvehicles
Fightercommand mosquitoes were over
airfields and railway ....... in France and
Belgium last night.
Light naval craft in the Channel has
been attacked as well and one E-boat
was sunk. Not one of our planes is
missing. The pastoral ..... was read on the
29th August and signed by 3 cardinals
and also a number of bishops. On an offensive
patrol of the French coast this morning our
light naval craft encountered 3 patrolboats
and 2 armed trawlers. 1 patrolboat was
torpedoed and sank. A trawler was seen
sinking. All our craft returned to harbour
without casusalties or damage. 
original text 0181  9/8/1943  for Stalino
read Donets'k
(From 1924 to 1961
it was called Stalino) 
9/9/1943. 9.= am dutch time Stewrad Hibbard

New allied operations have begun on
the Italian mainland in the naples
Hundreds of aircraft are landing on
Italian airfields
Our bombers were out over occupied
country last night
Over 12 hours since General Eisenhower
announced the unconditional surrender
of Italy Radio Algiers has announced
that further operations have begun on
the Italian mainland in the vicinity
of Naples on a large scale.
Correspondents say the operations take
place on a large scale and are of an
amphibious nature. The questions where
are the Americans has therefore now
been answered.
Allied leaflets have been distributed
in Italy and therein it is said that powerful
forces are landing and ... in the
heart of Italy. In a broadcast from Africa
an appeal has also been made to the
dock- and railwayworkers in Italy.
President Roosevelt speaking 5 hours 
original text 0182  9/9/1943     
ago also referred to the new landings
and said that considerable contingents
of Americans were landing
Messages from Switzerland speak of
landings in the Thyrenian Sea, .......,
........, ............ and also landings
on Sardinia and ...... but it remains
to be seen what truth there is in these
reports. The phone communications
between Rome and Berlin are impossible
Italian soldiers were asked by Germany
to continue fighting. Germany says
that Badoglio's steps did not come
as a surprise. Roosevelt's speech was
chiefly for domestic purposes and he
said that the armistice was a great
...... for the allied nations and also
for Italy. This armistice however does
not mean the end of the war in the
mediterranean as the Germans are
still to be driven out of Italy and France
and the other countries. When this war
ends he said we shall not be in a happy
mood but of a grim determination
General Wilson has broadcast to the
people of Greece and Yougoslavia
and also to the Italians there that they
must stop to treat the people badly. 
original text 0183  9/9/1943     
moreover these soldiers must refuse that
arms are falling in the hands of the Germans.
Italian aircraft should be flown to
allied fields. In the Dodecanese the
Italians are to overtake the Germans
by force.
Stalino has not been a scene of quiet
evacuation. Violent battles during
the previous night and the day yesterday
took place. The Sovjet advance amounts
to 12 1/2 miles one place not far from
..... has been taken. The advance from
Charkow to the SW and West is also developing
notwithstanding fierce counterattacks
The Russians are 50 miles from .....
and 100 miles away from Kiew
On the Smolensk front their position
has been improved. McArthur's
communique says that the Autralians
are less than 5 miles from Lae
and continuing to advance.
14 out of 20 Japanese planes trying
to raid Port Darwin were shot down
During yesterday there has been intense
airactivity over the Channel supported
by hundreds of fighters. 10 enemy planes
were destroyed. We lost 5. 
original text 0184  9/9/1943     
9/9/1943. 2.= pm. Morris Shillington

at 4 o'clock this morning large allied forces
have started landings in the Naples area
and operations are progressing
favourably and satisfactory. Our troops
are in contact with German forces.
Prisoners were taken
2 hours ago this special communique
was given by Algiers radio. Disembarkations
are going according to plan.
All allied forces in the Italian main-
land are under the command of general
Alexander. The landings were protected by
powerful airforces and supported by the
navies. 200 miles South of Naples in the
Gulf of S. .... near .................
troops have landed behind the Germans
facing the 8th army.
Frascatie 15 miles S. East of Rome where
German headquarters are, has been bombed
during this attack 28 enemy planes
were shot down and the total during
the day is 33 planes shot down and 6
lost ourselves.
A new National Fascist government
has been set up in Italy which will fight
side by side with Germany has been setup 
original text 0185  9/9/1943  for Frascatie
read Frascati 
in Italy according to the Germans.
It consist of combattants and will act in
the name of Mussolini. The Germans are
attacking Badoglio
The german strenght in Italy according
to latest reports is given at 18 divisions
of which half in the North
From Switzerland it is reported that
enthousiastic demostrations are reported
in Milaan and Turin
...... has called his chiefs of staff and
.... together and this has also been
done in Bulgaria
The Germans have give the Croats liberty
to occupy the Dalmatian coast
Late yesterday evening American
heavy and light bombers attacked
... in the Boulogne area. One plane
was shot down. This offensiev was conti-
nued during the night. One plane was lost.
Amphibious full scla exercises
have taken place in the Channel.
According to German reports our bombers
were over the Paris area today.
The Red army's triumphant clearance of
teh Donetz basin has taken place in
6 days and they are now half way between
Stalino and Charkow. 
original text 0186  9/9/1943     
10/9/1943. 9.= am. dutch time. Frank Philips.

More German troops have arrive in Northern
Italy. More clashes between Germans
and Italians in the big northern cities
have been reported.
Nothing fresh has been reported about
progress in the Naples area and further
At 10 o'clock last night unidentified
aircraft have dropped bombs on Rome.
.......... well to the South of the Donetz-
basin has been occupied.
Yesterday 2500 sorties were made by our
planes as a conclusion to the exercises
in the Channel.
In the Naples area our troops are
making satisfactory progress.
Also the infantry and commandotroops
further South have linked up with the
British and Canadian forces of the 8th
army. There are neutral rumours
about further landings. Germany is
spreading abuses about Italian
Generals, and speaking about anti-
............ Italian officers and sabotage
against German communication
lines which can only have been done 
original text 0187  9/10/1943     
by skilled Italian engineers.
The Red army has occupied 300 more
place of which 50 are named.
The most striking advance has been
in the South after clearing the Donetz.
The Russians have crossed the
......... river and are less than
30 miles from Mariupol.
45 miles .... and Stalino a place has
been taken. 11 trooptrains, 18
engines etc were destroyed.
To SW. Charkow improvements in
Russian positions have been made.
The capture of Bakhmatsj was announ-
ced in an order of the day from mar-
shall Stalin.
On the Bryansk front the advance
amounted to 7 miles
Ljudinowo 40 miles due north of
Brjansk was also captured.
The day before yesterday 27 tanks and 30
planes were destroyed on the whole of
the Russian front.
Yesterday has been a recordday for our
fighters and bombers. Fighters made over
1500 sorties and the bombers over 1000.
Aircraft factory at Paris, Boulogne, St
Homer, and airfields were bombed 
original text 0188  9/10/1943  for Bakhmatsj
read Bakhmach
for Ljudinowo
read Ljudinovo
for St Homer
read St Omer (probably) 
Typhoons attacked the .... area and
the Boulogne area was also attacked by our
mitchells, merodas, venturas, and Typhoons.
In all 2 heavy and 3 medium bombers as
well as 3 fighters were lost
The exercise in the Channel has been
completed and our ships have been up to
3 miles of the french coast. The exercise was
made in the direction of Boulogne.
Not a gun was fired, not a plane was
seen and not an Eboat has attacked
our forces on exercise. The Germans ......
... that their naval units have attacked
Spitsbergen where they say to have destroyed
military installations, coalmines,
ports buildings etc. Prisoners are said to have
been taken and .... casualities and
damage are reported. German radio
has ..... that allied parachutists
are landing in Germany. People who had
given them food and shelter have been
executed. A second Danish student
has been shot in 24 hours.

2.= pm.
half a hour ago it was reported from Allied
headquarters in N. Africa that the 5th
American army has establised bridgeheads 
original text 0189  9/10/1943     
in the Naples area in spite of strong German
opposition. Operations are going according to
plan. Mines were cleared. Vice admiral Hewett
USA. navy commands the forces in this area and
the unloading of ships is .... .
The 8th army is advancing along the Eastern and
Western coastroads and progressing.
Pizzo is in ours hands as well as .....
..... .
Important events seem to have taken place in and
around Rome. At 10 o'clock last night several
bombs were dropped. The Italian radio
announced at 7.30 that several more planes
have been over Rome during the night.
After 8 o'clock it was said that violent
gunfire which lasted for half an hour was
heard South of the City. After midday
the airraid alarm was sounded
Badoglio is at present not in Rome.
Marshall ...... who is 81 years old
seems to be in charge at Rome
Rome says things are absolutely quiet there.
Germans are spreading rumours but
the Italian newsagency .... that the
king has abdicated. Big demonstrations
are taking place at Milaan. There are no
Germans there but first outside the city
..... there are neither any Germans 
original text 0190  9/10/1943  For Hewett
read Hewitt
for Milaan
read Milan 
...... due at Milaan from central
Italy have not arrived.
......... ......... at ..... that there
is now a crisis between Germany and
Italy. .... has asked the Italian people
to help to drive the Germans out.
Most English prosoners of war are in
Northern Italy. No Italian planes or vessels
have arrived in allied ports.
With the capitulation of Italy Germany
is losing 65 divisions from its ranks.
In the Balkans the Italians outnumber
the Germans where they are 3 to one but
in Crete the Germans outnumber the
The airbombardements of Lae is going on
day and night and the enemy's artillery is
incapable of shelling. Our navy is shelling
the waterfront of Salamana 
original text 0191  9/10/1943     
11/9/1943. 9.= am. Frank Philips

The night has brought no outstanding development
in the Italian situation
Yesterday evening President Roosevelt and
Mr. Churchill made a ...... appeal to
the Italian people asking them to help drive
the Germans from Italian soil.
For the rest there is little news.
A fresh landing at Taranto which was
occupied by us has been reported
our warships are in the harbour
The germans say that off Sardinia they have
sunk a cruiser and a battleship off the Italian
navy which have left Spezia
Rome is being controlled by the Germans
who say that Vatican City is protected
by them. Rommel is commander in
N. Italy. The Germans control Lombardy
but they have not occupied Milaan
which however has been cut of
The Russians made sweeping advances
yesterday. 300 places were occupied of
which 50 were named. Mariupol was
captured and a naval landing west of the
town carried out. The Germans have
lost the only railwayline leading out of 
original text 0192  9/11/1943  for Spezia
read La Spezia
for Milaan
read Milan 
Mariupol at this has been cut.
The troops who cleared the Donetz basin
are advancing 25 miles a day and they
are now less than 50 miles away from
Dnepjr bend. German resistance strongest
between Dontz and Dnepjr.
August has been a succesful
month in the uboatwar. The enemy
made no attack on our North Atlantic
traffic. More Uboats were sunk than
Red army forces have crossed the river
.... .
McArthur's communique says that
the Japanese position at Lae is

.... born in 1896 have to register

2.= pm. dt. Frank Philips.
We have captured Salerno South of Naples.
The 8th army is progressing along the coast
roads in the toe of Italy.
4 battleships`, 7 cruisers, 6 destroyers and
other warships have arrived at Malta.
Italian troops are resisting the Germans
around Turin,
Allied operations are developing satisfactory 
original text 0193  9/11/1943  for Dnepjr
read Dnieper 
We are hearing of German counterattacks
and making steady progress.
Yesterday and last night we bombed
airfields and railwaybridges.
18 enemy planes were shot down and
we lost 10.
The fleet at Malta arrived under an
Allied air umbrella
The Italian fleet consisted of 7 battleships.
2 heavy and 9 light cruisers plus
original text 0194  9/11/1943     
13/9/1943. 9.= dt. Morris Shillington

The Germans say they have liberated Mussolini
but they do not say when and where.
The enterprise of the liberation is said to have
been carried out by armed SS, parachute-
troops and special forces.
There is no news about the military situation
in Italy since yesterday noon.
Brindisi has been occupied and progress
is being made in the toe of Italy aa well as
near Salerno.
The king sent a message to admiral
Cunningham in connection with the
arrival of the Italian fleet at Malta.
The Russians captured 250 more places
of which 50 were named.
S.W. of Charkow German resistance is
still strong. The Russians are 30 miles
from ..... in the line Brjansk-Smolensk.
Australian and American troops
in New Guinea have captured the airfield
at Salamana.

2.= pm.dt.
Our bridgehead at Tarante is being
enlarged and our forces are being 
original text 0195  9/13/1943  for Tarante
read Taranto (probably) 
built up.
The 8th army is continuing its rapid
advance. ...... has been captured.
Very heavy fighting is reported from
Another battleship, the Julio Ceasaro
4 more destroyers, a small aircraft
carrier and some more small
craft have arrived at Malta.
Saturdaynight and yesterday evening
....... in Rome and Naples area
were bombed. 8 enemy planes were
destroyed and 2 of ours are missing
4 planes were shot down over
Salerno. Liberators from the Middle
East have bombed two isles in the
Dodecanese. The battleship Rome
was sunk by the Germans.
5 battleships are now in Allied
hands and one in German hands.
Badoglio had Mussolini taken from
one place of captivity to another.
It is said that other fascist leaders
were set free at the same time.
The Russians are beyond ........
in the South. 
original text 0196  9/13/1943     
14/9/1943. 8.= am. dt. Morris Shillington

The Russians have captured the two railway
junctions at Brjansk.
In the South they are 90 miles away from
Kiyef adn 60 miles from the Dnjepr bent.
The Japanese have lost their base at
The Russians continued to advance.
The two main railway junctions
at Brjansk on the eastern bank of the
River Desna have been captured.
One line is running to Smolensk and
the other to ..... .
Brjansk is important for these lines.
13 miles North of Brjansk a place has
been captured. In this direction 40
places were taken. A station 11 miles
short of ...... was also taken
and 140 villages were occupied.
At ...... the Germans have been
squeezed into a tighter corner.
In the area between Donetz and
Dnjepr the advance amounts to 5
miles and 10 miles in some sectors.
The Russians are now 10 miles due
East op Zaporozje. South of Naples the
heaviest fighting takes place in Italy. 
original text 0197  9/14/1943     
The enemy resistance is exceedingly
strong in the Naples area.
Contact between out troops in the
Salerno area has been established
North of Salerno the Germans are
counterattacking and ....
multiple ..... we replied with
artillery and ships' guns.
our heavies bombed Makassar in
the Celebes which ......... a
2000 miles round trip.
Charlotte the wife of Bernard Shaw

14/9/1943. 2.= pm. dutchtime.
The Germans have first reported the evacuation
of Brjansk which is the great base on the Central
Russian front.
The 8th army is making rapid progress and
has occupied Cosenza. Warcorrespon-
dents report we have captured Bari on the
Heavy fighting is reported om the 5th army
front where strong German counter
attacks have regained some ground
which was taken by us.
The Japanese defenders of Salamana were
...... and they have left their equipment 
original text 0198  9/14/1943     
behind there
.... the Italian battle .... 10 enemy
planes were lost against 2 of ours
After the news Sir Stafford Cripps spoke. 
original text 0199  9/14/1943     
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Records 181 to 200 of 422