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15/9/1943. - 9.= am. dt.

The main Russian advances are on 3 fronts
between the Sea of Azof and the Donetz river.
where the advances vary from 4 to 15 1/2 miles.
The toughest opposition is being experienced
around Brjansk where resistance by the Germans
is fiercest of all 7 fronts. The Russians speak of
desperate resistance. The only railwayline East of
the Dnjepr has been cut
In the Njezjin sector a place 4 miles away from
Njezjin has been captured in the direction of
Kiyef from which the Russians are now only
80 miles away. A German isolated pocket
still exists at ...... . S.W. of Charkows the
the Russians also attacked. Moreover they are
now 10 miles beyond Mariupol.
There is no fresh news during the night about
the Italian front neither about the bitter
fighting on the Salerno bridgehead.
The Germans said they had in ........
taken some allied positions and driven
our forces to the beaches. They even speak
about another Dunkirk.
Correspondents have a sober view on the
matter. They say the German troops
opposing our forces are fanatical and
arrogant youths and very difficult as 
original text 0200  9/15/1943  for Njezjin
read Nizhyn (probably)
for Kiyef
read Kyiv 
prisoners. The next 72 hours will be crucial.
The German commander in Rome said
that fighting had broken out between
irresponsible people and German troops
The germans also speak of resistance in
northern Italy and the Balcans.
German parachutetroops have arrived
in St. Pietersquare to protect Vatican
Country. Anyone in Rome who is found
in the possesion of arms tonight
will be shot.
The Japanese are being hotly persued
by allied troops in N. Guinea
20 Japanese planes were left burning
by attacks on airfields in the New Guinea
area. 8 Zero fighters were shot down and
4 more probably. We lost 3 planes.
The onioncrop is better than expected
Instead of one lb as originally fixed
each rationbookholder will get 2
lbs. per rationbook. People who grow
onions themselves are asked to refrain
from buying
This season's N. African sardines
have been bought by the UK. Commer
cial corporation. The production
will be some 40-50 million tins 
original text 0201  9/15/1943     
15/9/1943. 2.= pm. Morris Shillington
The fierce battle for the Salerno bridgehead
still goes on. More Allied troops are being
landed but the germans do counterattack
more. Radio Algiers said this morning
that the position has not changed and that
a fierce battle goes on and that troops are
still being landed.
The narrow bridgehead is overlooked by
German prepared positions.
American liberators have bombed the
marshalling yards at Pescara on the
Adriatic and also Potenza has been
bombed. Which place lies between Tarento
and Naples. Mussolini according to
German reports has formed a new republic
fascist party from which it is possible
he tried to get rid of the monarchy.
The ......... evacuation of Brjansk
which the Germans have claimed does not
seem true because yesterdaynight fighting
still took place in the streets. Russian
troops are across the Desna. Japanese
heavy and field artillery has fallen into
Australian hands in New Guinea. More
miners in Noths coalfileds are on strike. Their
total is 14000 men and 14 pits are closed. Pres.
Roosevelt has taken action against a congres resolution
that married men with children are not to serve. 
original text 0202  9/15/1943     
16/9/1943. 9.= am. dutch time Frank Philips
Our bombers were out over enemy occupied
territory last night. A number of radio-
stations went out of the air very early
A few evening planes dropped bombs in
places on the South Coast and London
area. Some damage was done and some
there were some casualties. 3 planes
were shot down over this country and
one over N. France.
The targets attacked in Paris area at
dusk yesterday were te Hispano Suissa
-Renault aircraft factories as well as
a bull bearer plant
16 German fighters were shot down and
we lost 6 bombers and 3 fighters
No development in the Salerno
situation has been reported during'
the night. Re-inforcements have
have arrived at Salerno so that the men
who have been fighting can take some
rest and heavy equipment has been
landed too. More bombing from the
air is also done. General Clarke
has visited the front line. The 8th army is
67 miles from Salerno. As this army proceeds
more airfields become available for
our troops so that better fightercover 
original text 0203  9/16/1943     
can be given.
Radio Rome which is controlled by
Germany has said that American
and British prisoners of was escaped
on the armistice and they are being
asked to return and report.
Death penalty is threatened to the
Italian civil population for withholding
German property.
Njezjin the last junction to Kyef has
been captured. Around the Dnjepr-
bent all railway junctions are
...... by the Russians.
North of Brjansk several place were
cleared of Germans.
In the S.W. Pacific more ground was
gained in the attack on Lae where
Japanese resistance is stiffening.
15000 miners are now on strike in
Noths. area. .... has declared he
desires to work under .... and
has issued a declaration to that'
effect. He will be released from Lincoln
jail today.

16/9/1943. 2.= pm. Frank Philips
5th army troops have strenghtened
their hold on the beaches at Salerno. 
original text 0204  9/16/1943     
Re-inforcements continue to arrive
and battleships have joined in to
bombard. Moreover active airbombing
takes place
Rome radio which is controlled by the Germans
has said that marshall Caballero
has committed suicide. He was freed with
Mussolini and ...... him
last night A rubberfactory near Vichy
was attacked heavily and the attack
was effective. Our bombers were also over
Berlin and N.W Germany and 8 of them
are missing. Fighters of which 2 are
missing carried out intruderoperations
.... one evening fighter was destroyed.
Caballero was immensely rich and
Over this country the number of
planes amounted from 18 to 20
The Russians are 75 miles from Kiyef
The offensive beyond Njezjin ia being
original text 0205  9/16/1943     
17.9.1943. 2.= pm. dt. Frank Philips

The 5th army has made progress after regaining
the initiative in the Salerno area.
The bridgehead has been firmly established
3 enemycounterattacks were repulsed
and prisoners were taken.
Patrols of the 8th army are 19 miles away
from the 5th army. On the East coast
contact has been established with the
troops from Tarente.
Our airactivity was chiefly concentra
ted around Naples and in the Salerno
area. American planes covered
Potenza junction with bombs.
Over the battlezone we lost two
machines and destroyed one German
plane. Of the Potenza raid not one
machine is missing.
Bombers based in this country have
the French End of the ...
.... tunnel as well as the French
Riviera Viaduct between Cannes
and Marseilles. Mosquitoes were over
Berlin. Fightercommand fighter attacked
railwaytargets in N. France. 4 bombers
are missing off the Dutch Coast 3
minesweepers were set on fire. Two of our 
original text 0206  9/17/1943     
planes are missing.
Airfield at Cognac and La Rochelle were
bombed as well as other targets on the
French Atlantic seaboard. 13 heavy
bombers and none of our fighters
were lost. The Germans lost 35 fighters.
After fierce fighting the Russians
captured Noworossisk yesterday
and this place now is firmly back
in Russian hands
The Russians are 60 miles from
Kiyef and the bypasses town of
.... has been captured
The Russians have captured the
westernside of the River Desna.
American liberators have bombed
airfields in New Guinea destroying 10
Japanese bombers on the ground
48 Japanese fighters were destroyed. We lost
one but all bombers returned
fughter safely. Over 200 Allied
aircraft have raided the Solomons
area American bombers based
in China have bombed Indo Chinese
targets. Work has partially been
resumed in Noths coalfields but
things are by no means normal
Manchester electricians have also started 
original text 0207  9/17/1943  for Noworossisk
read Novorossiysk 
18/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. M. Shillington

Warcorrespondents in Italy report a German
withdrwal north of Salerno
Enemy tanks and troops carrying vehicles
are withdrawing under our attacks
to Avelino and Benevento
There is more news from Russia during
the night in which it is said that
Brjansk was captured yesterday
In all some 350 places were taken of
which 50 were named.
The last big ... part of Berdjansk has
also been captured
The Russians are now 40 miles short
of the Dnjepr bent. German counter
attacks are reported 10 miles from
Krasnograd junction. On the .... to
Kiyef 2000 Germans were killed and
stores of grain, flour, fodder etc
captured. To ...... the advance
is 4 miles
The Japanese have lost their last
big Ne Guinea base of Lae, the second
this week. The last Australian forces
captured the town at 11 o'clock on
Thursday morning. The destruction
of the Japanese is certain. There strenght 
original text 0208  9/18/1943  for Berdjansk
read Berdyans'k (probably) 
at Lae is estimated at 20000 men
one strong after another is being
captured. Our planes ....... the
withdrawing enemy flew at treetop
General McArthur's communique
says that with God's help we are
pressing on. The loss of Lae is serious
for the Japanese and the Allies now
control the waters between New
Guinea and New Britain.
In the Solomons raids take place
day and night.
16 Japanese fighters out of a hundred
were shot down and 3 allied
planes are missing.
Photographs taken after flying fortress
raids show a new German destroyer
sunk at Nantes and two drydocks
damaged at ........
In .... and some other districts
price for tomatoes will be reduced
from 1/4 to 1/= lb. In other areas
price will be 1/1 and in North Ireland
1/3 per lb. Tomorrow new allocation dried
eggs. No change ration sweets and chocolate.
During last week average of 3.800.000 tons coal
produced increase of 700000 tons but compared a 
original text 0209  9/18/1943     
year ago a decrease of 200000 tons.
Men born in last quarter 1925 have to register.

2.= pm. R. Robinson

The 5th army has increased its bridgehead South of
Salerno and it is reported that the Germans are
withdrawing to the North.
Thursdaynight our North West African
airforce bombed roads North East of Naples
and yesterday 2 airfields outside Rome
destroying planes on the ground
No German oppostion was encountered in
the air.
The 8th army continued to advance and
has made contact with the 5th army
A place has been occupied 10 miles inland
at the Southern end of the Allied bridgehead
Naval forces continue to land troops
at Salerno and ships of the U.S. and
British navy are supporting operations
with battleships joining in too
Two isles West of Naples have been
Our mosquitoes were over Berlin again
last night wheras our intruders shot
up several railwayengines over Britanny 
original text 0210  9/18/1943     
Allied bombers and fighters are now
operating from airfields on the Italian
3 north west African aircraft are
missing from yesterday's operations.
Pescara on the Eastern side of
Italy has been bombed by Middle East
aircraft and not one of them is missing.
Our bombers and fighters were seen
going out to France this morning. 
original text 0211  9/18/1943     
20/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. Frank Philips

The latest Russian gains have even been better
than the previous day's results.
Over 1200 places were occupied and 3 special
orders from Stalin issued.
North East of Smolensk two converging
armies have captured ..............
and ......... 30 miles North of Smolensk.
Teh Desna has been crossed on a broad
front and ........ taken.
Russian troops are 50 miles from
........... .
Coorespondents in Italy have described
the German withdrawal North of
Salerno which is being continued.
Refugees from Naples have told of
struggles between citizens and the
German garrison. A night curfew is in
force. Sardinia is being evacuated
by the Germans who are going over to
Corsica where the port of Bastia in the
North East is in their hands.
Ajaccio however is in hands of French
and Italians.
According to Turkish reports 3
Italian islands in the Dodecanese
including Kos and .... as well as the 
original text 0212  9/20/1943     
more Northern Greec island of Samos
are in ....... hands.
Yesterday airfields in Belgium and
France were bombed as well as industrial
targets at Béthunes.
3 of our fighters are missing.
Recent photographs of Hamburg show
the place is well in ruins for the loss of
87 of our planes.
In the last raid 50 tons of bombs
were dropped a ........ for 3/4 of
an hour.
mr. Churchill arrived back in
London yesterday.

2.= pm. Rich Wessel.
The Desna has been crosed West and North West of
Brjansk. Nowgorod Sewerski and Priloeki have
fallen. More attacks on Japanese airfields
in Bougainville are reported
14 out of 60 fighters were destroyed and we
lost 8 machines when the Japanese tried
to intercept our planes.
General ..... said the capture of
Lae is a signal on the road to victory
The 5th army has enlarged its Bridgehead
at Salerno again and German
resistance is lessening. Reinforcements 
original text 0213  9/20/1943  for Priloeki
read Pryluki 
continue to arrive
The 8th army is proceeding to the North.
a roadjunction 30 miles away
from Tarenta has been captured.
Over Italy we lost 3 aircraft.
The Russians have opened the gateway
to Smolensk.
The Germans have confirmed the
evacuation of Sardinia which they
say is a complete succes and
was carried out according to plan. 
original text 0214  9/20/1943  for Tarenta
read Taranto (probably) 
21/9/1943. 9.= am. dt. R. Robinson
Owing to interuption the report of this
bulletin is incomplete.
The Russians are 37 miles from Kiyef, 50
miles West of Brjansk, 12 miles away
from Roslaw. ...... has been captured
70 miles N.W of Smolensk
German troops are being forced out
of Corsica.
North of Salerno the Germans still
hold a defensive position but the
rest is falling back for the 5th army.
Cape Gloucester in New Britain
was raided also ............. and
Cape St. George in New Ireland.
In the streets of Calcutta and other
places in Bengal people are ill
starving from hunger.
The Russians are increasing to sweep
forward on a long front. 1000 places
were occupied yesterday. French
commando's have landed at
Corsica to drive the Germans out
and operations are going well.
2.= pm. Frank Philips.

Mr. Churchill has begun his warstatement
in the House of Commons. Sir Kingsley 
original text 0215  9/21/1943  for Roslaw
read Roslawl (probably) 
Wood the Chanchellor of the Exchequer
died suddenly.
Radio Algiers has announced that the
situation in the Salerno sector
remains satisfactory. Airactivity over
Italy was on a small scale and confined
to patrols. Avellino has been bombed.
French warships have brought troops
into Ajaccio as has been stated officially.
Yesterday the Russians advanced up to
15 miles on different fronts. Their biggest
sweep took place in the South where a
place 8 miles from Melitopol has been
captured. The Russians are also 18 miles
from Zaporozje and 25 miles from
Dnjepropetrovsk. In the direct advance
on Kiyef from Njezjin along the railway
two places on either side were taken
North West of Brjansk a great stretch
of railway to Roslaw is in Russian hands.
........ was stormed yesterday
American merodas escorted by Spitfires
attacked targets in N. France and lateron
RAF medium bombers were also seen
going out to France.
Today is a great occasion in the House of
Commons. All seats were taken.
Mrs. Churchill and mrs. Randolphe Churchill
were also present 
original text 0216  9/21/1943     
22/9 My 1st baby born. Too busy to

23/9.1943 9.= am. dt. Morris Shillington
...... Stalin has issued an order of the
day on the occasion of the capture of
Demidof. 40 miles N.W of Smolensk
Demidof was captured ......... in two
day's fighting. 12 counterattacks the
Germans made were repulsed.
8000 Germans were killed. The last
usable part of the Koeban bridgehead
and 3 town have been captured.
At 5 points the Russians are only a few
miles away from the Dnjepr
They 8 miles from Zaporozje and the same
distance from Dnjepropetrowsk
N.E. of Kiyef the Russians are 20 miles away
from the city and North Western side 30
miles away
The advances varied to from 6 1/2 to 9 miles
Near .... the Germans were pushed
15 miles away. In the Mediterranean
the 5th army is still advancing from
Salerno and fighting is hard
The 8th army has captured Potenza
Yugoslav patriots have extended their
..... on the Dalmation coast 
original text 0217  9/22/1943  for Demidof
read Demidov
for Koeban
read Kuban 
The Australians have landed a new force
close to the Japanese base at Funchhaven.
Japanese shipping around the Isles
in the S.W. Pacific has been attacked
as well as airfields.
Another large contingent of Canadians
has arrived in England as well as
Norwegian sailors and airmen
and Dutch pilots who have been
trained in Canada.
Our bombers were over Germany last
night. American merodas have
have attacked an airfield 45 miles west of
Paris. We lost 2 fighters. There was slight
activity over coastal areas. Bombs
were dropped on a few points but no
casualties are reported and little damage
was done. The foodposition in Bengal is definately
improving. In the greater Calcutta area
sufficient grain is available.

2.= pm. 5th and 8th army continue to advance
...... North of Potenza has been captured
as well as Genoza 12 miles from the Gulf
of Tarenta. ....... has been evacuated
by the Germans according to their report
a great force of our homebased bombers
attacked Hannover. The attack was 
original text 0218  9/22/1943  for Funchhaven
read Finschhafen (probably)
for Genoza
read Ginosa (probably)
for Tarenta
read Taranto 
highly concentrated and lasted 30 minutes
Oldenburg and Embden were also
26 bombers and 1 fighter are missing
Airfields in Holland and France were
also attacked by our fighters.
This morning our planes went out
to France again 
original text 0219  9/22/1943     
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