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fighters of which are 10 missing
bombed targets in N.W. Germany
and France.
all over India celebrations were
held in honour of the Tunesian
1 Ju. 88 was destroyed over Bay of
Biscay. Heavy German attacks
are reported from the Koeban.
For the rest there are no changes
on Russian fronts
In the Chrysler works at Detroit
24000 men are on strike
after news talk was given by
John Green about post war
12.= Stewart Hibbard
Strong formations of american heavy
have raided Wilhelmshaven
and Emden in daylight today without
escort of fighters
In spite of heavy flak and opposition
from enemy fighters (some hundred)
a heavy load of bombs was dropped.
American fighters have carried out
extensive patrols over the Dutch
coasts. Twelve bombers are missing
as well as 3 fighters. A Henkel 111 
original text 0020  5/21/1943     
was destroyed over Northern France.
The Secretary for war at the opening
of Edinburgh's wings for victory week
said that the only way to avoid
the man-slaughter of the last war
to get to Berling is extensive
Sir Archibald Sinclair gave more
details about the damage done to
the Eder- and Möhne damms
on the opening of Nottingham's
wings for victory week the Chief of
Fighter Command said that 13% of
the enemy's aircraft coming to
this country have been destroyed
Rosita opposite the isle of Elba has
been bombed.
Note: meroda's are bombers 
original text 0021  5/21/1943     
22/5. 1. pm. Joseph Mcleod
Berlin was again the target for our
bombers last night and has been
bombed by aircraft of bomber
command. Mosquitoes carried out
the bombing. Railway targets at
orleans were also bombed
as well as enemy shipping in the
Channell. 2 trains were set on
fire in N. France. 5 of our bombers
are missing East of Cherbourg a
motorship and a trawler has
been sunk.
The raid American bombers
made over Wilhelmshaven lasted
40 minutes whereas the aircraft
were an hour over Emden
Last night there was little activity
over S.E. England and London
one aircraft has been destroyed.
Aircraft of middle East command
bombed ........... at regio and
Messina. Captain Harald
Balfour said at Norwich that twice
this month bomber command
aircraft dropped 1500 tons of bombs.
Acoording to news received from
Moscaw the Communist International 
original text 0022  5/21/1943     
has been disbanded
The ..... on the Russian front
In airbattles over S.W. Pacific
11 Japanese planes were destroyed
whereas we lost four.
12,= pm. Frederick Allen
Warcorrespondents in N. Africa reckon that
in 3 days and nights of air-activity over
mediterranean 4 aircraft an hour
have been destroyed i.e. 70 in airfights
and about 200 on the ground.
Yesterday alone 19 were shot down and
60 destroyed on the ground. Middle East
aircraft accounted for another 10 whereas
our losses amount to 7. ......
........ saw at Aldershot today
that we had the option to attack.
Last month over 11000 tons of bombs
were dropped on Germany
Acoording to news from Washington
The American campaign on Attoe
island is now reaching its final
phase. The Japanese have been split
into 3 pockets of resistance constant-
ly under land- and airattacks
The village of Attoe has been
destroyed completely with the 
original text 0023  5/21/1943     
exception of the church and one building
The attack on Berlin last night
was made for the third night
In Russia a feeling of tension is
7 barges were sunk of the coast of
New Guinea In Birma attacks on
Japanese installations and
communications were continued
Churchill has now moved from
White House to British ambassy
Last month the american output
of ships totalled 175 
original text 0024  5/21/1943     
23/5 9 pm Frank Philips
" 12 pm Marrit Shillington
The last news is that day and night our
air offensieve against Italy Sicily
France and the Low countries
continues Enemy resistance against
our air attacks is however growing
During attacks by the north west
african airforce 4 planes were lost
This afternoon Venturers (Venturas)
with a Spitfire escort bombed the
cokes ovens at Zeebrugge. Whirlwinds
and Spitfires sunk an enemy trawler
of Guernsey. Another convoy entering
the harbour of Flushing was surprised by
our typhoons. In N. France ...................
attacked 7 trains and 5 locomotives
were damaged. Not one of our aircraft
is missing. Last night there was no
enemy activity over this country but
today 3 hit and run raiders were
shot down. From a report by
Robert ............... it is clear that the
Flying Fortress is the key of our air-
offensive in the mediterranean
by day whereas RAF Wellington 
original text 0025  5/21/1943     
bombers are active during the nights
and doing a good job.
B 38 Lightnings form the escort of
the fortresses.
a 323 merseburg troop carrying
transportplane which has a
cannon and 2 machineguns was
brought down by one of our
340 warhawks are also busy. One
aircraft of middle East airforce is
missing. Naval activity in Tunesian
waters continues During the last 14
days the navy took over 900 German
and Italian prisoners trying to
escape from Cape Bon by small
crafts. The Russian paper Prawda
contains a cartoon with 2 scenes
The 1st one is in 1940 when Goering and
Hitler are looking over to England
from the Continental Coasts.
Goering says Hitler where will we land
the second scene is in 1943 on the
same place but now Goering is
asking Hitler where will they land
The first news about the American 
original text 0026  5/23/1943     
landing on Attoe Island came in
from a British united Press corres-
pondent present there.
In the S.W. Pacific 2 planes were lost
the pilots of one is safe and the other
probably. The postscript of the nine
o'clock news was on the Eve of
Empireday by a ........., a Nigerian
and a WestIndian, the 1st two
being pilots in the RAF.
Jacob L. Devers said in a special today
that the US forces in England were
ready. The readiness of the British was
without question England is the
....... of the united nations.
Cooperation between American
and British was complete
US airforce is on footing with the RAF
Brain's trust Empire one today.
Recorded edition of Tommy Handley in
..... (It's that man again)
talk by Dr about worries.
" about lady bird .
Sandy at the theatar organ.
Tribute from the stage.
Capt. Lidcarter last talk for ........ Only 
original text 0027  5/23/1943     
Monday 24/5/1943
today I have been out to the Hague
and therefore unable to listen in to
broadcasts from London.

Tuesday 25/5/1943
Today 130th final session of the brains
trust took place. Those taking part
were comm. Campbell, Lt. Comm.
Gould, Prof. Jode, Jan Masaryk, Dr
Malcolm Sargeant Questions asked
Donald McCullaugh. Howard Thomas
9.- and 12 o'clock news both read
by Joseph McLeod.
Over 300 allied planes from North
Africa bombed Sardinia whereas
others raided Pantellaria Island
aircraft from Malta mined Italian
waters. All but three of our aircraft
returned. 9 axis planes were destroyed
The attack on Sardinia was carried
out by heavy, medium and fighter
bombers amongst targets attacked
were railway installations, airfields
and ports. During raids on this
country whereby a town was
attacked and bombs dropped 
original text 0028  5/24/1943     
4 Focke Wulf 190 were destroyed
Victoria Cross has been awarded
to Comm. Linton, who also
holds D.S.O. and D.S.C He comman-
ded HMS submarine Turbulent
and sank in all 31 ships
Flying Fortresses bombed especially
La Madalena airfield. Merodas,
lightnings and warhawks also
attacked airfields, Liberators
of middle East command were also
over Italy and dropped 150 tons of
bombs on the towns on both sides
of ferry services between Sicily and
Italy. Messina was bombed
previous night and 7 fires were left
Airattacks by both sides are still the
main news from Russia. On the
Northern front 10 German planes
were brought down. Pres. Roosevelt
gave a luncheon at the White
House to mr. Chruchill. Complaints
are spreading about issue of new
rationbooks which for the first time
are not posted but have to be
collected. Lord Woolton spoke on
subject. And additional credit 
original text 0029  5/24/1943     
of 1000.000.000 £s has been granted
in the Commons the shortage
of children shoes was enquired
upon. The 2000 guineas were run
at Newmarket, Kingsway being the
mr. Churchill took pressconference
over from mr Roosevelt. Late this
evening a town on the
South East Coast was attacked by
fighterbombers of which again 4 were
original text 0030  5/24/1943     
26/5 Wednesday 1 pm. R. Robinson
For the second time this week our
aircraft out in great strength
tje main target being Düsseldorf
27 planes did not return.
Further news is not yet available
Dusseldorf is the third biggest
German inland port. By previous
attacks on this place, the above one,
not included 388 acres of the town
were destroyed. The lull on the
russian front continued.
Altogether yesterday 9 F.W's 190 were
destroyed in attacks on Southern and
S.E. England. There were no raiders
last night Today is the 1st aniversary
of Anglo-Russian pact. Mr. Churchill
on the pressconference mentioned
yesterday answered for 3/4 of an hour
questions asked to him by about
150 correspondents.
After the 9 o'clock news tonight the
second program in the weekly series
"BBC close up" was broadcast Taking
part were Stewart Hibbard, Joseph McLeod
Frank Philips, Frederick Allen, 
original text 0031  5/26/1943     
Joseph Suag. The subject being "Reading
the news"
12 pm. Reading Joseph McLeod
During the raid on Dusseldorf
five 4000 lbs. bombs were dropped
every minute and the raid was almost on
the Dortmund scale.
400 of our bombers weer over Italy, Sardinia
and Sicily. Messina was the main
target. on Dusseldorf also 8000. lbd
bombs were dropped as well as
incendiaries. The number of aircraft
employed in the raid was nearly as
large as with the Dortmund raid
The attack was the biggest bomberraid
in bad weather. There was enemy
fighter opposition and 3 enemy fighters
were destroyed. All day long our
bombers were over Sicily, Sardinia and
Pantellaria, Messina got a terrific
hammering considerable opposition
from enemy fighter was encountered
flying fortresses destroyed 12 messerschmidts
altogether 24 aircraft were shot down
and 11 of ours are missing. Long
range fighters without loss attacked
a seaplane-base of Greece. Malta
had two allerts, mr. Molotov gave 
original text 0032  5/26/1943     
a luncheon to celebrate the 1st
anniversary of the anglo Russian
treaty. Sir Carr our ambassador
said that the pact was a ..........
child Mr. ....... was present at a
luncheon given by mr. Eden.
mr. Roosevelt and mr. Churchill met
again today to make a short state-
ment which has not yet been
published. Queen Wilhelmina flew
flew to Canada to meet Princess Juliana
and she was accompagnied by
mr. van Kleffens, minister for foreign
original text 0033  5/26/1943     
27/5 Due to spring cleaning of the house
I have only been able to listen at
12 pm when the news was read by
Frederick Allen.
The staffconferences which were
held at washington have ended
in complete agreement on future
operations on all fronts.
Mr Jos Davies has told correspondents
about his meeting with mr. Stalin
and mr. Molotov Yesterday.
He said there was every evidence that
the 3 men, Roosevelt, Churchill
and marshall Stalin new all
about all decisions. In Koeban
some flare up in fighting German
losses in aircraft are three times
as heavy as Russian losses.
Yesterday's main attack in the
Mediterranean was chiefly directed
against Sicily. Two formations
of fortresses bombed aerodromes
one of the most effective fighter
operations was carried out on
Tirso on Sardinia. Pantellaria
..... daily bombing and shooting
up by warhawks. During sweeps
over Belgium and Northern France 
original text 0034  5/27/1943     
3 F.W 190 were destroyed out of 6
which attacked over Dixmuiden
Early today eight naval forces
engaged 4 armed trawlers
of Terschelling 1 trawler was hit by
gunfire and left burning and
sinking. On Attoe USA ground
troops made progress
American casualties in North
African campaign amount to
18500 ....... over 2000 killed
Churchbells can now be rung
any time. 
original text 0035  5/27/1943     
28/5 1 pm. Frank Philips reading
Homebased aircraft of bomber
command were out in very great
strenght last night Essen being
the main target. Mines were also
laid in enemy waters 23 aircraft
are missing and the raid was the
56 time that Essen has been
bombed. It is now the neaviest
bombed city in the world.
Sardinian airfields were attacked
yesterday many aircraft on the
grounds were destroyed. 13 fighters
were shot down and 1 allied
aircraft is missing but the pilot
of it is safe. A Greec submarine
sunk 2 German supply ships
There are no details about the
landfighting in the Koeban.
Germans say Russians have
been attacking 67 German planes
were shot down for loss of 13 Soviet
9.= pm Frank Philips reading
The Essen attack was carried
out by 10 waves, each of same
strength of bombers which gave to
.... ... heaviest attack of the year 
original text 0036  5/28/1943     
the attack lasted 50 minutes
many crews reported violent
explosions and large fires could
be seen Bombers had opposition
all the way and it started by flak
from flakships off the Dutch coast
Many of our aircraft returned
with holes in their wings and
fuselage. 1 Fighter is missing from
night patrols. up to last night's
attack but some not .....
over 10000 tons of bombs were
dropped on Essen.
Mosquitoes came back when Essen-
bombers set out from an attack
on Jena where the works of Carl
Zeiss and a glass ware factory were
bombed. Jena is 40 miles South
West of Leipzig and means a round
trip of 1000 mills. the town was
bombed from a 200. feet level.
Two of our planes collided in the
air over the target and beyond these
1 plane is missing. Germany had
to contend with an earthquake
today. Several people were injured
and chimneys weer cracked.
13 enemy fighters were shot down. 
original text 0037  5/28/1943     
whem mediterranean aircraft
consisting of merodas escorted
by warhawks attacked targets in
that area. Enemy fighter opposition
is quite strong recently. There is no
news from Russia. It seems that
fighting has been resumed in the Koeban.
Germans claimed that fighting was
stubborn. Canadian pilots flew
warhawks in recent attacks on
.... . Several important points
in Attoe have been captured
Lae got heaviest bombing yet
Pres. Roosevelt set up a new office
of co-ordination. 10% of all meat
produced in the USA will go overseas
on lend lease terms. This percentages
equals a million tons. Small
qauntities of which will arrive for ...
Algeria and the price will be 8/- a
bottle. Whits include .... will
be restricted and there will be no
extra ..... . Moreover there will
be more restrictions on hire of cars.
In forces up to 10 o'clock an Illustrated
account was given on Jena attack
After news in home program Lord
Woolton spoke on issue of new
rationbooks and identity cards 
original text 0038  5/28/1943     
there was also a report from Moscow.
12 pm. Shilington reading
Only news since the nine o'clock
has been of an attack on cokes ovens
at Zeebrugge by homebased aircraft
.... Venturers (Venturas) covered by
Spitfires. One bomber and one
fighter is missing 
original text 0039  5/28/1943     
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