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29/5 6. pm. R. Robinson reading
our mediterranean aircraft have
made their deepest penetration
into Europa from Northern France
when about 400 flying fortresses
took part without escort in an
attack on Livorno.
The enemy lost 19 aircraft whereas
we lost 2.
RAF. heavy bombers attacked
Augusta on Thursday Our home=
based aircraft were over the Strait
of Dover. Also last night mines were
laid. Six R-boats were sunk
in the Channel by Albacarus
torpedo-carrying aircraft only 3
from the 12 aircraft got away
without damage. None of our
aircraft were lost. There were no
readers over here last night. This
afternoon 4 bombers were over
a place in the South of England.
There is however no news of any
bombs being dropped. During the
opening of the Wings for Victory-week
it was said that 12000 airmen
took part in this weeks raids on
Dusseldorf, Essen and Dortmund 
original text 0040  5/29/1943     
The Russians report of more heavy
fighting in the Koeban 66 German
planes were destroyed. The Russians
lost only 26 planes. During the
last 3 days the amount of
German planes is about 200.
Bad weather restricted operations
in the Soth West Pacific
H.M.S. submarine Regent is
overdue and must be presumed
10 pm forces recording of birds singing in a
wood in Surrey.
10.30 pm forces calling all workers
music while you work played by ...
and his ......
12.= pm home Rich Wessels
Latest warreports tell of the bombing
of french airfields Mopertu. Typhoon
bombers were escorted by similar
fighters. Cannes airfield was also
bombed and bombing was excellent
all aircraft returned safely.
In the Livorno-raid a great weight of
high explosive bombs was dropped.
There is an important oil refining
plant and also ports railway yards
oil storage tanks were bombed 
original text 0041  5/29/1943     
the bombers did not have an escort.
There was enemy opposition of some
10 fighters of which one was destroyed
All our planes returned
safely. When the under Secretary for Air
said 12000 airmen had taken place
in the weeks raids on Germany he had
that worse things for the axis are
to come. Air chief marshall
Harris said that Germany is busily
engaged in finding propaganda
againstbombing what Germany
has had so far was chickenfood
compared with what she will get
Elmar Davies also gave a warning
The thousandth American
Liberty-ship was launched today
These ships are now being turned
out at the rate of 4 every day
total production being 5 per day
There is no reliable news about
landfighting in the Koeban 
original text 0042  5/29/1943     
Sunday 30/5 1 pm. heard only the reading
of the headlines
Our bombers were out in very great strenght
last night attacking a new target ...
Wuppertal a place were over 400000 people
live. the attack was heavy and concentrated
33 aircraft are missing 2 fighters were
destroyed Amongst others there are the
important chemical works of I.G.F.
and Jaeger who make .... and ....
baerings. During the last 10 days 5
submarines were destroyed by aircraft
of Coastal Command (Sunderlands,
Hampdens, Fortresses and Liberators)
1 sub was sunk in Northern waters, 2
near Ireland and two in the approaches to
the Bay of Biscay. Yesterday American heavy
bombers .... Fortresses and Liberators
attacked the U-boat bases at .......
and St. Nazaire and also the submarine
base at Rennes.
The Japanese report that the communication
with Attoe has broken down.
4.15 pm In forces' recording of last Tuesday's
session of the brain's trust. including
radio Encyclopedia
5 pm "Forces Choice" gramophone records 
original text 0043  5/30/1943     
played by trooper Frank Carson of the 8th army
O.o. "South of the border". "Old English
......", "........ Lue", "A rose in her
hair" "abide with me"
5.20 pm. "Sunday's half hour "Community
singing from Neath.
6.= pm. Joseph McLeod reading
Wuppertal is lying South of the Ruhr.
3 enemy raiders were destroyed over this
country. one by fighters and 2 by anti-
aircraft gunfire. 4 raiders trying to
attack a South Coast town today were
destroyed and 4 over France by our fighters
of which one is missing.
Mediterranean mitchells, Merodas,
warhawks were busy there yesterday
none of our craft is missing but onde
of the enemy was destroyed during Friday
night. The Italians have made a lot of
their allegation to have bombed in the
Soedan and East Africa but it is now
known that not a single bomb has
been dropped there. In the Western dessert
near El Alamein some bombs were
dropped. General de Gaulle arrived
in Algiers today. Also General Georges
arrived. He is 68 and commanded
forces in Northern France in 1940 wheras 
original text 0044  5/30/1943     
the operations of B.E.F. were under his
4 trawlers and 2 E- of R-boats were
set on fire near Dunkirk in a battle
between them and our light naval
craft which lasted for 3/4 of an hour.
The operations were under the
command of Lt. Richards whose ship was
sunk. The Russians give not details
about the fighting in the Koeban.
There is no news sofar about Attoe
from America. It is understood
however that Japanese forces amounted
to some 2000. 15 bombers and 20
fighters took part in an attempted attack
by Japanese on Chitagong airfield.
1 bomber and 3 fighters were destroyed
and little damage was done and a
few casualties.
Today is American Memorial Day
and a memorial Service was held at
the headquarters of the American
8th airforce. A wings for Victory parade
was held at Windsor where the king, Queen
and the 2 Princesses were present as
well as king Haakon of Norway.
7.30 forces "News from North Africa-"
Bob .... introduced by Dennis Johnston 
original text 0045  5/30/1943     
in the Transatlantic Call People to People
8.= forces Organ ...... by Sandy at
the theatre organ
9.= Joseph McLoad more than 1500 tons
of bombs were dropped on Wuppertal
last night. The enemy lost 4 out of some
15 planes which raided S.E. England.
In Wuppertal scores of fires were started
The barage was intense and there were
also nightfighters. 1 pilot reported 2 explosions
which threw flames up to 800 feet another
pilot said 45 fires were burning. Stirlings,
Halifaxes, Lancasters and Wellingtons
took part. Tonight a year ago the thousand
bomberraid on Cologne took place.
There was a recording of a speech held
by Hitler in 1940 were he promised 400 tons
of bombs to us. This evening there was
some activity over East Anglia No
details are available yet. Some 12 FW's
took part. The Americans report that
all organised resistance has stopped
on Attoe. The p.s. to the news was given
by a Polish refugee
10.= pm. forces Epilogue
10.07 " " Newsletter
10.30 " calling all workers music 
original text 0046  5/30/1943     
while you work by Percival Mackey
and his orchestra
12 pm. the French fleet at Alexandria
consisting of 1 old battleship, 4
cruisers, 3 destroyers and 1
submarine has come over to the
original text 0047  5/30/1943     
31/5 1 pm. R. Robinson.
Reports from enemy side that the
French fleet at Alexandria has
come over to the Allies have vow been
confirmed officially in London.
The men came over of their free
General Giraud and de Gaulle
opened conversations at Algiers
today. Aerodromes in Southern
Italy were attacked by American
bombers of middle East Command
all planes returned safely.
Russians keep on their air attacks
on places behind the German lines a.o.
..... 1 Soviet plane was lost
The main fighting took place in the
Koeban. Last week 466 German and
118 Russian planes were lost. A large force
of fortresses bombed Naples yesterday.
Saturday night Wellingtons bombed
Pantellaria Bomb carrying ?
attacked Sardinia. 1 aircraft has
been lost
9.= pm. Joseph McLeod. Main warreports
from Mediterranean report that over
100 flying fortresses tookpart in the
attack on Naples some went for the 
original text 0048  5/31/1943     
aircraft factory and airfields there.
also railway yards, a dry dock under
construction and oil storage tanks
were bombed Bombers with fighter
escorts bombed targets in France and
the Low Countries. 2 fighters were destroyed
and one of ours is missing
General Stillwell is in London back
from Washington. The Egyptian former-
.... will setup a Legation at
12.= pm. Joseph Mcleod
Last 3 hours news has come in from
China about successful counter-
attacks by the Chinese with American
airsupport along the whole Jangtse
River. 5 Japanese divisions are
surrounded. Dr. Wellington Koo
arrived in this country after
paying a visit to China and America
Venturers raided Zeebrugge and
Flushing this evening. One American
fortress recently destroyed 11 fighters
during the attack on Wihelmshaven. 
original text 0049  5/31/1943     
1/6/1943. I am expected to have given in my radioset
which Jerry confiscated from 4 to 6 pm
today but I am still listening to
today's 9 o'clock news which is read by
Frederick Allen
Allied aircraft from Mediterranean
kept up their attacks on the Italian
Islands, Pantellaria included
unescorted flying fortresses which
took part shot down two enemy
fighters. Altogether the enemy lost 4
aircraft and we two
Yesterday evening a few bombs fell
on Malta
The chief of the Italian forces has
been relieved from his post.
Homebased fighters gained a victory
of ten to one over enemy fighters
over occupied country (Northern
France) 5 supply ships were
damaged by cannonfire from our
typhoons off the Dutch Coasts.
There is no news of any change on
the Russian fronts. Sunday the
Germans lost 31 planes against
3 Russian aircraft.
Chinese troops made further
progress. a great quantity of 
original text 0050  6/1/1943     
warsupplies have been captured
American aircraft raided
Japanese positions. News from
Birma tells taht our losses
are moderate.
Latest news from the coalmines
is that 400000 people are out.
The truce ended at 12 o'clock last
night. Lewis met the coalowners
this warning
The total losses in the first three
years of the war sustained by
British and Imperial forces
amount to casualties 545000
of which 92000 killed, 227000 missing
88000 wounded 108000 prisoners
For the first time since 6 months
S. African oranges arrived and our now
for sale more are on the way. Topprice
for cherries has been fixed at from 1/6 to 1/9 1/2
per lb. Production of shell eggs is falling
Major Lewis Hastings answered the
German communication ...... .
There was a debate on civic aviation
in the Commons. Mr. Bevin spoke on
the occasion of the second anniversary
of ....... .......: It was ...... 's
..... on both programs, home
original text 0051  6/1/1943     
"made in Britain"
10.30 forces music while you work.
11.= home Ivy Benson and her
girls' band 
original text 0052  6/1/1943     
8/6. 0. pm. Home news. Rich. Wessel
reading John Suag reading report
about declaration by mr W Churchill
who gave a review about the war.
He said important amphibious
operations are to take place
very soon. The number of prisoners
in Tunesian campaign amount
to 248000 where with the number
of enemy killed the total loss of
enemy is about 300000 1/2 of which
are Germans British casualties
of 1st and 8th army in killed, wounded
and missing are heavy at about
The German and Italian communiques
announce an effort by the Allies to
land on Lampedusa island between
Sicily, Malta and Cape Bon which
they say has been driven off. There is
however no confirmation about that
in London. During airbattles and
bombingoperations over Pantellaria
11 enemy planes were shot down and
7 of ours lost. No important news
from Russia. 19 planes out of some
40 to 50 Japs were shot down over ...... 
original text 0053  6/8/1943     
12/6. 9. pm. Frank Philips reading
The heaviest force of ..........
bombers of this was bombed
Dusseldorf and Münster last night
considerably more than 2000
tons of bombs were dropped.
43 of our aircraft are missing
The number of prisoners taken at
Pantellaria amounts to over

14/6 9. pm. Morris Shillington
Reconnaissance over Dusseldorf
today confirmed that fires are still burning
there. The East Sicilian airfields were
the targets for our bombers Today was
united nations day. Our North West
African airforce had a quiet day yesterday.
Heavy American bombers bombed
Catania. 3 enemy aircraft taking off
were blown up by shell bursts of our
bombs. 5 ME. 105 were shot down.
From all these flights 1 allied plane
is missing. Owing to the recent strenghte-
ning of the directorum of the fascist
party a number of decisions have been
made. Some of these are: Strict control
of production and distribution, repression 
original text 0054  6/12/1943  for Morris Shillington
read Maurice Shillington

Voice of Maurice Shillington 
of black markets, closing of all luxury
establishments, removal and
separation of all aliens.
Planes of bomber command laid
mines in enemy waters and bombed
targets in the Rhineland. 1 aircraft is
missing. 30 hours after last Friday-
night's Dusseldorf raid fires were
still burning our bombing has
caused a cancellation of the race-
meeting to be held today there.
Bremen was attacked in daylight
yesterday by the Americans.
shipyards were damaged. 2 ME 110 were
destroyed. RAF beaufighters with a
Spitfire escort attacked a convoy off
the Dutch coast. 1 beuafigter is
missing. a flying boat was damaged
off Norway Some enemy raiders were
over the Eastcoast. 3 were destroyed and
5 in the previous night raid.
Latest news from Russia reports
some fighting North of Orel. There is no
change om the general position of the
fronts. The Chinese are pushing the
Japanese back. Over Birma allied
airforces gave their attention to
Railway bridges. A statement issued 
original text 0055  6/14/1943     
by the American War office says that
German spies helped the Japanese
with their attacks. One spy has been
sent for 50 years in penal servitude
Labour party's annual conference
met in London today. Frank Gillard
arrived back at Algiers from Pantellaria
He said o.a. that the town of Pantellaria
is absolutely in ruins. The enemy
there were however not without
means of resistance. Not a mine
was found in the harbour and neither
a landmine on the whole of the
island. The guns were loaded but they
had not been fired. There were less than
100 Germans left on the island.
Pantellaria was not completely
waterless many houses highre up had
wells. Dog however were starving and
food was also very short 
original text 0056  6/14/1943     
19/6 9 pm. Morris Shillington reading
Sicily and Sardinia have got the heaviest
bombing of the war since Pantellaria fell.
Yesterday American bombers .....
North Africa consisting of flying fortresses
bombed Messina.
There was no opposition from flak and no
fighters. Medium bombers attacked ports in
Sardinia. 33 Italian fighters were shot
down. Maltese fighters were over Sicily.
The enemy lost altogether 40 fighters, the
Americans lost 8 planes.
Grigg paid a visit to wounded soldiers
Reconnaissance a week after our
heavy bombing of Dusseldorf shows
taht fires are still burning there.
a thousand acres have been destroyed
and it is expected that the total
acreage of demolition when everything
has been checked will be some
1500 cres which equals 2 square
miles which have been laid in ruins
the Germans will not be able to
re-build the damaged factories.
A new cruiser for the American navy
called ..... to replace the one
lost in the battle of Java-sea will be
launched today at Newport News (Virginia) 
original text 0057  6/19/1943     
Except for aircraft and radio equipment
American production figures for
May are below those of April.
50000 coalminers in 7 States of the
USA are now out. There is a new
crisis a deputation of the miners
has called at the White House and
said that the strike is inevitable by
Monday. The appointment of General
Wavell as viceroy of India came as
a surprise.
Allied South West Pacific aircraft
found a new target when Liberators
and Catalina's attacked Nahroe
.... ....-bombers were used
for the first time in attacks on
Japanese .... north of Australia
The Russians improved their position
north of Orel. 7 Soviet planes were lost.
Capt. Harold Balfour the undersecretary
for air spoke today as well as Sir Kingsley
Wood and Lady Mountbatten
Derby was won today by "straight
deal" and was run at Newmarket
a report of the lost 1/2 mile was given
by Raymond Glendenning. The Russian
commentary by Alexander Worth
was also read. 
original text 0058  6/19/1943     
3.7.1943 9. pm R. Robinson.

United States warships have driven off
a Japanese force consisting of 3 ;ight
cruisers and 4 destroyers which tried to
attack American bases on Rendova.
The battle may still be going on.
The Japanese 22 aircraft when
they attacked Rendova last Thursday.
Little damage was caused.
Americans have also landed on
New Georgia. The admiralty and the
air ministry have reported that
another convoy has reached its
destination unmolested by complete
shore to shore aircover in which
Hudsons, Venturas, Liberators, Catalina's
and also a.o. Swordfish planes from
carriers took place
The South west Pacific Offensive
started last Wednesday.
The airwar was intensified yesterday
when 100 American Liberators
attacked airfields in the tip of Southern
Italy. 3 Liberators are missing
Mitchells also attacked Castel
Vetrano and when doing so were 
original text 0059  7/3/1943    Rendova
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