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covered by warhawks.
Spitfires from Malta were also
A message from Algiers says that
General Giraud is on the way to
In June as Mr. W. Churchill said 30
U-boats were sunk.
Allied aircraft from India attacked
oilrefineries, railways, warehouses,
etc in Birma. One American
plane has not yet returned to its base.
Despite the monsoons over 500
sorties were made by American
bombers during June.
The Japanese are misusing the
Red Cross during the week ending
last wednesday there were no
attacks by Japanese aircraft on
unoccupied China.
From Russia only skirmishing is
reported at Communist Party Conference
in London today the immediate opening
of a second front was demanded.
Today is the 4th birthday of the
women's land army. 
original text 0060  7/3/1943     
10.7.1943. 12. pm. Rich. Wessels
The new allied communique about the invasion
of Italy says that the success of the landing was
achieved in 3 hours. British, American,
Canadian troops taking part as well as
British, American, Indian, Dutch and
Polish naval forces. This invasion as General
Eisenhower says in a proclamation is the
first stage in the liberation of European
continent. The allied landing which
started at dawn today are proceding
according to plan. It is understood the
landings are taking place over a front of
some 100 miles. Enemy oppostion was
checked and by 7.30 am. ours troops were
advancing and artillery was put ashore.
Since then more re-inforcements have
been put ashore. Roads and communications
throughout the island were bombed.
Allied warships are bombarding
without interruption. a pilot said he
never saw so many ships together in
his life. Our bombers carried out a
devastating attack on Santo Benino
where in a hotel there are the head
quarters of the axis. The hotelitself and
the principal telephone exchange, the 
original text 0061  7/10/1943     
nerve centre of Sicily were damaged.
The landings are understood to be
taking place on the South Eastern
belt including Syracuse.
Parachute landings were also carried
out Sicily is known to be strongly
defended by the Italian 6th army
comprising some 300000 men
and some 100000 Germans including
airforce, groundstaff etc.
There is no fresh news from Russia
since the early hours of this morning
when it was reported that the Germans
were held onthe Northern side of Koersk.
The Germans claim the gaining of
considerable groud South of Koersk.
Last night Gelsenkirchen got a heavy
attack where the fiercest barrage was
... . The central Ruhr was also attacked
10 bombers are missing Gelsenkirchen
is the biggest coalmining center, it has
shellworks and synthetic oilplants
On the occasion of the landings in
Italy President Roosevelt wrote to the
Pope and said a.o. that allied soldiers
had come to free Italy from fascism
The churches will be spared and also the
neutral state of the Vatican 
original text 0062  7/10/1943     
Today airfields were attacked in France
The Americans attacked Cannes
and Abbeville Venturas and Typhoons
attacked Mopertues. Fortresses were
covered by thunderbolts 3 bombers
are missing. ....... got the heaviest
pounding so far having been bombed
from the sea and afterwards from the
air. The bombs dropped included 2000
ponders. There were over 100 bombers over
the target.
54 Zeros attacked Rendova.
All aerodromes around Bougainville
were raided. There is no news of the
landfighting on New Georgia and
New Guinea. The largest force of
American Liberators from China
raided Harpang in Indo China
The Italian prisoner who escaped
in this country after killing a guard
was shot by a home guard when
seen breaking into a house 
original text 0063  7/10/1943     
12/7 11.45 and 12.= pm Frank Phillips
Latest reports from Sicily are of a visit
by General Eisenhower, Syracuse and 9
ports and town have been occupied
In some places out troops have penetrated
20 miles inland. The ....... on Sicily
seem friendley to our troops. More attacks
by air on and off France and Holland have
taken place by RAF today.
10 towns including 7 ports on Sicily are
now in our hands 2 bridgeheads have
been formed one is british and at
Syracuse. All roads leading from this
place to Port Sala miles to the
South west are in our hands. This an ideal
bridgehead. Port Sala is 15 miles South of
Ragusa. Our troops continue to advance.
Prisoners of the Livorno and Napoli
divisions have been captured our
troops have first made contact with
the field troops which are expected to
offer stiffer resistance than the garrison
troops. The enemy is moving reinforcements
from the west of the island to our bridgehead
Eisenhower arrived today at dawn by
a torpedoboat and an amphibious
jeep. Cunningham command
all naval operations, Tedder those in 
original text 0064  7/12/1943  for Port Sala
read Pozzallo 
air. british troops include the 8th
army and Americans those of the 7th
army. The Canadians are from Vancouver
and Winnipeg
Floridia West of Syracuse has been occupied
Canadians from Pachino took the
island of Pachino. There had been no
serious interference by enemy naval forces
although one of our hopitalships carrying
some 400 wounded who were rescued
was sunk Our casualties are light.
Hospital ships have had little to do
Fighters patrolled over our landforces
Our aircraft is operating from airfields
which the enemey had ploughed up but
which we are now using
More than 4000 prisoners have been
but our troops have not yet
been in contact with the enemy's main
force. Allied planes have damaged and
destroyed some 400 vehicles caarying
troops on the roads of the island.
Our losses in ships have been small
Yesterday 45 enemy planes were brought
for a loss of 9 of our own.
Catania was heavily bombed
The invasionarmy is under the command
of General Alexander who is commanded 
original text 0065  7/12/1943     
by Eisenhower. British troops are under
command of Montgomery
and the Americans under Patten
The heaviest of the 7 counterattacks
which were all repulsed took place
at Gela. The enemy used some 45
tanks and a great number of infantery
On the eastern front heavy German attacks
near Koersk have been repelled.
South of Bjelgorod the Russians have
attacked again position is still
dangerous but the Germans have been
unable to exploit their thrust
Sweden has refused to be paid in gold by
Germany no doubt due to a recent
allied statement that such gold will
be claimed back as it may have been
down from the gold stocks of the occupied
countries. The tension in the Balkans
Latest news from Pacific is of airattacks
near Alutians. Only news from S.W.
Pacific is of airattacks on Moendan,
Rabaul (New Britain) and Salamana
(New Guinea) 
original text 0066  7/12/1943  for Patten
read Patton
for Koersk
read Kursk
for Bjelgorod
read Belgorod
for Moendan
read Munda (probably)
Munda (airfield) lies in the
Solomon Islands (New Georgia)
Salamana lies in New Guinea,
near the town of Lae

Voice of Patton 
13/7-1943 9.= pm John Suag
After a bombardment from the sea
Augusta which is a U-boat and seaplane-
base has been taken whereas Ragusa has
also been captured.
Allied losses are slight. The Syracuse port
is in good working order and Floridia 8 miles
beyond it has also been taken.
There are reports about landings near
Catania but these have not been confirmed
Progress is officially described as good and
the depth of our penetration amounts
to 20 miles. In the Western section the advance
continues and a great number of prisoners
has been taken as well as lots of warmaterial
captured. Canadians entered Ragusa meeting
the Americans from the west. Yesterday's
counterattack made by the enemy were
heavy. The tanks used were of french origin but
out of date. The number of prisoners is
growing and the prisoners captured include
1 Italian general. The enemy's defences lack
co-hesion. Supplies of allied equipments,
material and men are still landing.
The has been some bombing of our shipping
by enemy aircraft. In all we employed
some 3000 ships but losses of and damage
to ships are light. The civil population of 
original text 0067  7/13/1943     
island seems glad to see our men
28 enemy planes were destroyed against a
loss of 11 of ours.
Homebased Lancasters attacked Turin
last night. The raid was the heaviest one
made sofar on an Italian target from
this country. The round flight is some
2000 miles and 13 of our bombers are
missing. Railway installations in
France, Belgium and Holland were
attacked by our intruders in daylight
The Russians show signs of optimism
One enemy bomber has been destroyed
last night during attacks on this
country. One sharp attack was made
on an East Coast port
A beaufighter attacked a U-boat in the Bay of
Biscay. During the last 8 months 364
ships totalling a million tons of
shipping have been destroyed in the
Mediterranean as said by Alexander of
the Admiralty today. The parliamentary report
was read by Robert Robinson 
original text 0068  7/13/1943     
14/7 9. pm. Morris Shillington
British, Canadian and American forces on
Sicily are pushing on. British troops are beyond
Augusta on the road to Catania. Our bridgehead
is now 30 miles deep at the deepest against
6 miles at the smallest point. Our forces
continue to advance. Augusta's port is in
good working order. Favara has been taken by
the Americans Yesterday General Alexander
visited Sicily aboard a light cruiser. Comiso
aerodrome has been captured yesterday afternoon
4 o'clock we entered the port of Augusta
Yesterday Catania was bombarded from the
sea yesterday which bombardment was
followed up by bombing from the air by
flying fortresses. The 8th army which is approaching
Catania meets with weak resistance
Thousands of prisoners are coming in and the
Italians of them seem happy. The disembarkation
of troops and supplies continues. There has been
a lot of enemy bombing off the beaches
but disembarkations took place
smoothly. There is also more activity
of enemy U-boats our intruders were
uninterruptedly over Sicily and Southern
Italy. Enna and Catanisetta were bombed
2 axis merchantmen were sunk. 42 enemy
aircraft were brought down against 7 lost by 
original text 0069  7/14/1943  for Catanisetta
read Caltanissetta 
ourselves Some 200 tons of bombs were
dropped on airfield in Southern Italy
aircraft of united nations both
bombers and fighters have been out in
very great strenght over France today
They have been bombing airfields and
aircraft factories. Flying Fortresses, bomb-
carrying Bostons and typhoons took part
51 enemy fighters have been destroyed
8 bombers and 4 of our fighters are missing
a heavy nightattack was carried out on
Aachen, a by load of high explosives was
dropped including 8000 pounders 20
planes are missing
Fierce fighting is reported South of Bjelgorod
but Russians report that there is no
progress by the Germans.
Poland in exile has paid a last tribute
to general Sikorsky today.
A new Polish cabinet has also been
formed The debate in Commons
today was on post was shipping and the
report if it was read by John Suag
after news the 14th July program for
France was continued 
original text 0070  7/14/1943     
Up to 9 pm. Tommy Handley in T.T.M.A.
9. pm. Richard Wessel.
By special communique the Russians have
announced a counteroffensive on 2 fronts
... in the north of Koersk bulge North of Orel
and east of Orel. In the latter sector the front is
22 miles wide and the advance is from 13 to 16
miles. 2000 Germans have been captured and ]
12000 killed.
In Sicily allied troops made considerable
progress although resistance is stiffening
During the last 24 hours considerable gains
have been made on the ground.
The 8th army advanced beyond Augusta
where the hardest fighting takes place.
The heaviest counterattacks made yet by the
enemy took place yesterday near Augusta
by a Hermann Goering division. In the
Western sector inland from the South coast
the Americans captured a dominating
hillposition They also took some airfields
at least 12000 prisoners have been taken
during the first 5 days. The going is getting
harder however
Our bombing attack shifted mainly to
Messian the ferry port 200 flying fortresses,
merodas, mitchells escorted by lightnings 
original text 0071  7/15/1943     
took part in the attack yesterday. 4 aircraft are missing.
It is reported from Cairo for the first time
bombcrrying beaufighters attacked
shipping in the Eastern Mediterranean.
A through airservice has been set up
between Britain and Moscow the route
is via North Afica, Cairo, Iran and Astrakan
At the end of news some stories were
read by McDonald who was in a glider
and Gillard who went with seaborne troops.
The commentary was by Comm. ........
who went with the convoy and who said
that well over 2000 ships took part 
original text 0072  7/15/1943     
16/7/1943 9.= pm Frank Philips
Our advance on Sicily continues
Steady advances are reported after
hard fighting especially in the East Coast
sector where the 8th army operates
They have gained more ground
Paterno near Catania has been
attacked from the air. Fighting now takes
place round Lentini and Carlentini.
The navy bombarded Catania airfield
Our airsuperiority is being maintainted
Important places have been captured
by the Americans. The total amount
of prisoners now amounts to 20000
Vizzini aplace with 10000 inh.
has been occupied as well as
Riesi and Canicatti.
Messina was raided again and
Palermo got 100 tons of bombs.
On the East of the Italian mainland
70 Liberators bombed airfields
Forestfires are reported 25 miles
from Taranto 8 aircraft of
the enemy were lost and 4 of ours
did not return. Our Lancasters
crossed the Alps to raid electricity
works in Northern Italy whereas Halifaxes
bombed aircraftfactories near the 
original text 0073  7/16/1943     
Swiss frontiers. One Do.217 was shot down
and 7 of our planes are missing
President Roosevelt and Winston
Churchill had a message broadcast
to the people of Italy from radio
Algiers at 1 o'clock today.
It was a.o. said therein that the only
hope for Italy's survival lies in
unconditional capitulation
moreover it is said in the message we
are determined to destroy the false
In a Russian statement it is said
that the Russian offensive round Orel
developed from a German one round
...... in New Guinea in the South West
Pacific was taken
American fighters shot down 54 Japanese
The body of General Sikorsky was
buried today after the war it will
be buried in the national Shrine at
original text 0074  7/16/1943     
17/7/1943 9.= pm Frederick Allen
Our latest advances on Sicily brought the 8th
army within 10 miles from Catania
Four inportant places were captured
and the 8th army is driving hard for Catania
The Canadians took Caltagirone whereas
Craminichele and Lentini were taken by
the British. The American army alone is
5 divisions strong. The Canadian comm.
is Maj. Gen. Simmons
A new type of service is now operating viz
the A.M.G.O.T. Allied Military Gouvernment
of occupied territory
It is now known that "Amphibious"
were used at shore they are six tons
4 wheeled lorries with an ordinary truck
engine. at sea they have a propeller and are
boatshaped. They are being called "dycks"
The main road north of Catania which
is being used by enemy transports has
been bombarded from the sea
In Sicily large quantities of ripe tomatoes,
melons and lemons are left unpicked
In vineyards Italian snipers have
been left behind and these are busy
Our aircraft intensified their attacks
on mainland of Italy Reggio was bombed 
original text 0075  7/17/1943  for Craminichele
read Grammichele (probably)
for dycks
read ducks (DUKW) 
24 enemy planes were brought down, we
lost 7
Our homebased bombers for the second
night running bombed electricity
works a.o. at Milaan and Bologna
last night. Fires were started and buildings
blew up. Our mosquitoes bombed
targets at Munich
American flying fortresses have today
bombed industrial installations
in Amsterdam and also in Germany.
It is reported that 50 enemy fighters
were shot down against a loss of
2 fortresses. Off Holland our light coastal
warship attacked a convoy
The Orel offensive of the Russians is going
well but the enemy's near Koersk
has failed
Sir Archibald Sinclair whose speech
was partially recorded spoke at the
Liberal Party's conference
The allied nations have recommended
the Italians honourable capitulation
After news the American commentary
was given by Ernest K. Lindley. 
original text 0076  7/17/1943     
19/7 9.= pm. Morris Shillington
....... his first arrived this morning
when American bombers made a precision
attack after dropping many leaflets.
At 11 o'clock coorespondents in north
Afica were gathered and 13 minutes afterwards
the first bomber reported by air to be over
the targets. Military objects were bombed
chiefly marshalling yards. The force of bombers
consisted of light and heavy Americans
from Mediterranean Command.
Special instructions were issued to the
crews of our bombers to bomb precisely
and not damage religious and cultural
buildings. The raid was a heavy one and
lasted 2 1/2 hours. Fortresses, merodas, mitchells
and Liberators took part. The raid was carried
out in daylight for two main reasons
First in order that the targets could be seen
clearly in daylight and secondly so that the
Italian people could see military objects
were our targets.
In Sicily our offensieve continues favourably
and in some places even rapidly on the East
coast we are within 3 miles from Catania
where the only serious resistance by a 
original text 0077  7/19/1943     
Hermann Goering division takes place
The Canadians took Piazza Armerina and
the Americans Caltanisetta. catania is
being attacked by land, sea and air day and
night. The total amount of axis prisoners
is now over 35000 and some Italian
units are coming over ".. ......"
The Italian mainland chiefly ports
and airfields was also bombed. 15 Ju were shot
down for a loss af 4 of our planes.
The Russians advanced from 2 to 4
miles. Saturday 80 German tanks were
crippled. Last night our mosquitoes train-
busted railway engines in Germany and
on the Continent. 10 engines were damaged
More Japanese ships have been sunk
in the Solomons. 3 destroyers were hit,
1 sunk and another one hit. 13 fighters were
shot down and 4 of our planes are missing
In Birma the landsituation is unchanged
4 ... 190's were shot down when our beaufighters
of which 1 was lost were sent out yesterday
evening to attack a convoy of the Dutch
coast. 18 minutes 9.= news ended and
was followed by a talk by J.B. Priestly
called "make it Monday" 
original text 0078  7/19/1943  for Caltanisetta
read Caltanissetta 
20/7. 1943 9.= pm Stewart Hibbard
Americans and Canadians are pushing
on to the centre of Sicily. Inthe Western
American sector little opposition is
met and the Italians are giving themselves
up by the hundred. In some cases there
is mutiny of Italians who are commanded
by German officers. The Canadians meet
with the strongest resistance near Catania
German troops supported by tanks have
counterattacked. The total length of the
front there is some 40 miles. The Canadians
are pushing towards Enna where the fighting
is heaviest with infantery. They stand 12 miles
from Enna
It is now reported that more than 500
American bombers took part in the raid
on Rome yesterday. The raid was an out-
standing success. Livorno and San Lorenzo
marshalling yards were hit as well as airfields
When Rome was bombed Mussolini was
not there but he went to a place in Northern
Italy to meet Hitler During the raid we lost
5 machines. only some 30 axis fighters
went up whilst the attack on Rome was
going on. 3 of them were shot down. 
original text 0079  7/20/1943     
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Records 61 to 80 of 422