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On the Orel front in Russia the German base
itself is looking none to sure.
The Germans are however hitting hard
back anywhere on the front.
American bombers raided one of the
Japanese Korillen islands which is the
first proper Japanese target after the Tokio
raid. American Liberators tookpart
General Giraud has arrived in England
The report of Parliament was read by
Morris Shillington
After the news there was a talk by an
engineer on the "Diesel-engine" 
original text 0080  7/20/1943  for Korillen
read Kurilen (Kuril Islands) 
21/7. 1943 9.= pm Richard Wessel
Since the fall of Enna yesterday Axis forces
are retreating from the West and the Centre
12 days since the Allied troops went
ashore part of the island is in their hands
South of Catania fighting continues
Everywhere except near Catania the
enemy is in retreat. Enna was kept by
Americans and Canadians yesterday and
they are now pushing on beyond Enna
Two experienced Italian divisions are
in retreat before the Americans. These
divisions are supposed to be motorised
but the Germans have taken all the transport
from them. Whether the Germans intend to
stay in the North Eastern corner of Sicily is
not yet clear. It looks as if Palermo, Trapani
and Marsala will be evacuated
General Eisenhower left no doubt about
his conviction that the allies will soon
be victorious in Sicily.
Day and night airfields in Southern Italy
are being bombed. We lost 6 aircraft and
6 of the enemy were shot down
More red army progress is reported down
Orel and also are the Russians advancing 
original text 0081  7/21/1943     
in the Bjelgorod section. Round Orel from
the north 30 more places were captured
and from the East 29 villages. Also from
the South progress is reported. Last monday
143 Germ tanks were put out of action
Russian bombers in great force
attacked Orel itself. Near Bjelgorod the
Russian advanced 7 1/2 miles. In the
Donetz basin South of Izjum acrossing
was forced also on the Middle Donetz
and ........ . a national Committee of free
Germans has been formed in Moscow to
overthrow the Nazi Gouvernment Imported
canned jam will be released for sale
in the shops next winter The extra ration
for each person will be 1 lb during the winter
Dehydration of vegetables is now done in
standardplants of which 30 will be erected
for drying cabbage, carrots and potatoes.
Two American vessels shelled Kiska
in the Alutians but the Japs did not
reply. Today is Belgium's national
Day. The report about the proceedings
in House of Commons was read by
Stewart Hibbard 
original text 0082  7/21/1943  for Donetz
read Donets 
22nd July unable to listen

23/7/1943 6.= pm Robert Robinson

The Americans have reached the North Coast
of Sicily and captured Palermo a place with
over 400000 inhabitants yesterday.
Palermo is the principal city of Sicily
Little Italian resistance was met
Trapani and Marsala have been cut off
as well as the forces in Western Sicily.
Palermo is a fine harbour
There is little news from the East of Sicily
Fighting continues near Catania
and the Canadians have swung round
General Alexander has said that both
Americans and Canadians have done
well, exceedingly well and the Americans
are fine fighting troops. Road communications
on Sicily have been kept under attacks
by ours bombers. our warhawks were over
Sardinia and shot down 17 enemy planes
Over the Italian mainland important
attacks were carried out on railway
systems etc. Altogether, the 17 above
included 24 enemy planes were brought 
original text 0083  7/23/1943     
down. 6 of our aircraft are missing.
Reconnaissance photographs about
the Rome raid confirm that all targets
were hit and that except these targets little
damage has been done to other objects.
The main news from the Russian front
is from the Orel front. Walkof a city 33 miles
North of Orel has been captured
During the last 10 days 50000 Germans were
killed, 6000 taken prisoner, 800 tanks
destroyed, 400 tanks captured, 900 aircraft
On the Bjelgorod front the Russians advanced
from 3 to 4 miles.
The red airforce is keeping up its attacks in
the Orel sector and 4000 tons 5000 lbs bombs
were dropped by American built machines.
In Birma a cottonmill was bombed
and large fires started.
Soerabaia was attacked by our Liberator
bombers. The Japs were taken by surprise
Docks, railwaysidings, warehouses and
oilrefineries were attacked and heavy damage
was done. This was said also by Elmer Davies.
From monday next onwards the price of
raspberries has been fixed at 1/2 S per lb. 
original text 0084  7/23/1943  for Walkof
read Bolhov
for Soerabaia
read Surabaya 
26/7/1943 8 am Stewart Hibbard
Mussolini has resigned and the king has
appointed marshall Badoglio as head of the
The king has issued a proclamation to the
Italian people. This one was followed by
a similar one from Bodaglio wherein it was
that Italy's war continues and the people
were asked to rally round the king no further
explanation about the resifnation was
given. Instead of the year of the fascist-
revolution the usual year 1943 was
stated in the proclamation, when radio Rome
broadcast the proclamation the national
anthem was played but not the fascist
anthem. The Germans explain that the
resignation is due to ill health
In Sicily the German forces are resisting
near Catania
Our Western airoffensive has reached a
new climax. Saturday night Hamburg
got the heaviest raid of the war sofar
2300000 kilos of bombs were dropped
The same place was bombed again
during the day yesterday by the
Americans. This was also the heaviest 
original text 0085  7/26/1943     
raid American planes based in this
country have made sofar
Dense smoke from the night's attack
was still over the place and accurate
bombing by the flying fortresses was
The uboatbuilding centre at Kiel and an
aircraft factory at Warnemünde
were also attacked. This raid was also
the Americans deepest penetration
into Germany. 19 American bombers
were lost and a great number of enemy
fighters were shot down. Later in the day
.... was attacked by our light bombers
who went out with a fighter escort
Typhoon bombers bombed an airfield
near Antwerp. Schiphol airfield was also
raided and the Fokker works at Amsterdam
too. 7 of our planes are missing
Not a single enemy aircraft were over
our shores. 3 were shot down over the
North Sea and another 3 over their base in
Holland. The Russians report more
progress towards Orel. 
original text 0086  7/26/1943     
26/7/1943 6.= pm Richard Wessel

All Italy is now under martial law
This is the first act of Bodaglio 12 hours
after Mussolini's resignation
In the first session of Parliament
Churchill will make a statement on
the subject.
There is a curfew from dusk to dawn
not more than 3 people may be
together. Restrictions have been
imposed on traveling. Police has instruc-
tions to shoot. fire armlicenses are
invalid. Papers have only one edition
Last night Essen the main target for
our bombers but Cologne and
Hamburg were also attacked
25 of our bombers were lost The enemy lost
4 planes in attacks over our Eastcoast
On the Russian front the main fighting
is on the approaches to Orel.
The Germans lost 2000 dead on this front
and a number of prisoners They had the
heaviest losses East of Orel
Round Bjelgorod only local fighting is
reported as well as local clashes
round Izjum weer 800 Germans were 
original text 0087  7/26/1943     
186 tons of bombs were dropped on Munda
in which raid over 200 planes took part
More Canadian troops arrived in
Bodaglio is known as an antifascist and
anti-German. What the Allies demand
from Italy is unconditional Surrender
when there will be an honourable capitu-
lation. There is no reliable news yet about
Mussolini. Reports from Stockholm say
he is in prison. The Italian communiqué
today for the first time is signed by Ambrisio
The Allies say that on Sicily pressure is
maintained an all sectors. The Canadians
are progressing but slowly. The number
of prisoners is ..5000 taken by Americans
and 14000 by British. Bad weather over
Italy hampered the activity of our heavy bombers
3 Ju 88 were shot down and one of ours is
missing. An airfield and wireless encamp-
ment in Southern Greece were attacked
The Essen raid was highly concentrated and effective
Essen is not only important for Krupps but also
as a transport centre. Mosquitoes bombed
Cologne and Hamburg where fires were still burning
1 fighter was lost. Again today large formations of
our aircraft are reported out over our South 
original text 0088  7/26/1943  Munda (airfield) lies in the
Solomon Islands (New Georgia) 
coast today
Our little ships of the navy torpedoed a vessel
off the Dutch coast and probably another
one. All our ships returned safely with some
damage and a small number of casualties 
original text 0089  7/26/1943     
27/7. 1943 8.= am. R. Wessel

The night has brought no news about the fighting in
Sicily or the situation in Italy
The Italian propaganda is playing up the
country's welcome for a non-fascist regime and
there are reports in Italian overseas broadcasts
about demonstrations.
Gayda is according to German reports not
longer editor of the Giornale d'Italia
The world however now wants to see what
those in power will do
The Russians had another day of good
progress and advanced from 3 to 6 miles
The Railway from Orel to Bryansk has been
cut by them. They are now less than 15
miles from Orel. 52 tanks and 75 planes
have been destroyed
The Americans raided Hamburg again yesterday
also a rubberfactory at Hannover and targets
at Wesermünde and Wilhelmshaven
23 bombers and 3 fighters are missing.
There was little enemy activity over this
country. One enemy plane was shot down 
original text 0090  7/27/1943  for Bryansk
also read Brjansk 
28/7/1943. 8. am Frank Philips

Swiss correspondents on the Italian frontier
are reporting to their papers that demonstrations
to celebrate the downfall of Mussolini
are taking place all over Italy.
Crowds are renaming streets and plains
after famous liberals and socialists.
Fascist emblems are being removed
and customs officials on the frontier are
removing them from their uniform
Our bombers were over Germany last night.
Yesterday the benzolplant at Zeebrugge
was bombed without loss and also
airfields in Holland and Belgium
9 enemy aircraft were destroyed and 2 of ours
are missing
Yesterday the Russians advanced from
2 1/2 to 4 miles nearer Orel
On the Leningrad front there is local fighting
near ... . Active reconnaissance is
reported from the Donetz basin monday
18 tanks and 45 planes were destroyed
In the SW Pacific 2 Japanese supply ships were
bombed and shot up. There is no further news
from Italy itself nor of the fighting in Sicily 
original text 0091  7/28/1943     
28/7/1943 6.= pm Robert Robinson
Our homebased bombers were back over Hamburg
last night in same strength as last Saturday
Consequently Hamburg got a tremendous
battering. Visibility was excellent
ur bombers destroyed 3 enemy fighters
Targets in the Ruhr were also bombed.
18 of our planes were lost
More reports have come in about
demonstrations in Milaan
In the party buildings there fascists have
barricaded themselves
Incidents are reported from Turin and
Bologna. There have also been clashes
between policeforces and troops. The
demonstrations called for peace
Mosquito fighters were out over Holland,
France and Germany last night attacking
4 airfields. According to reports from our
South Coast the allied air offensive is in
full swing. In Sicily the front is quiet
It looks as if preparations are being made.
In the Eastern sector, which is the British's
there is patrolling Canadian troops
have advanced a little towards Messina
Germans are chiefly responsible for the defence.
In face of fierce opposition the Canadians 
original text 0092  7/28/1943  for Milaan
read Milan 
advanced to the enemy's line of his bridgehead
There are still five Italian divisions
who escaped from the West of Sicily.
The Germans use the Italians chiefly for
labour purposes, digging trenches etc.
5 of the enemy's aircraft were destroyed in
air attacks and 3 of ours are missing
Yesterday 50 villages were captured by the
Russians in the Orel sector. Fierce fighting
is reported especially North of Orel.
German counterattacks to the East of
Orel are reported. On the other fronts there is
only local action.
In the SW. Pacific the Americans are
pressing on. Salamana got the heaviest
hammering so far.
American Liberators bombed Wake Island.
Report about proceedings in Parliament
is read by Frederick Allen 
original text 0093  7/28/1943     
29/7/1943 8.= am R. Robinson

Rome has confirmed that serious trouble
has broken out in Milaan. According to
Swiss reports demonstrations for peace and
democratic gouvernment are taking place all
over Italy.
In Milaan the army took over the utility
services. Strikes are reported and a number
of shops and banks are closed.
Since yesterday there is little news from
Sicily except that the Americans are
advancing rapidly along the coast.
Rommel has arrived in Saloniki
so he is apparently in Greece now.
The Russians are now 11 miles away from
Orel. Tuesday 30 tanks and ... planes
were captured.
In daylight yesterday Amrican heavy
bombers flew their deepest penetration
into Germany. Flying fortresses covered by
thunderbirds attacked an aircraft
factory at Kassel and also Magdeburg a
target only 80 miles away from Berlin
Targets in France and Belgium were also
bombed as well as Amsterdam. In all about 
original text 0094  7/29/1943     
60 enemy planes weer brought down by fortresses
and 9 more by escorting fighters.
We lost 23 heavy bombers and one fighter.
Roosevelt made a statement on the
war situation and General Smuts won a
majority in the elections.

29/7-1943 6.= pm Morris Shillington

In Sicily the Canadians and Americans
continue to advance and our airforces
are active well ahead of them.
The Canadians took Leonporte 40 miles
West of Catania. The Germans report that
Nicosia has been evacuated.
Our airforces assisting our forces in Sicily
wrecked the enemy's transport by medium
and heavy bombers. Ships in Sicilian
ports were also bombed. 3 Italian
planes were shot down and we lost one
aircraft. A further step bu Badoglio's gouvern-
ment is prohibiting the formation of
political parties for the duration of the war
Many menbers of the fascist party have
been rounded up. Badoglio promised that
a new chamber will be set up 4 months
after the war. Things in Turin appear quieter 
original text 0095  7/29/1943  for Leonporte
read Leonforte 
Works are beginning again. In Milaan
there are still strikes. Up to yesterday armoured
cars were patrolling the streets of Rome.
A special message from General Eisenhower
has been broadcast to the Italian people.
Therein Eisenhower said he can compliment
the people of Italy and the house of Savoie
in getting rid of the fascists.
Today is the 60th birthday of Mussolini.
Eisenhower also said you can have peace
and immediately. We come as liberators
and as has been proved in Sicily our accusation
will be mild.
Provided Allied prisoners are not
sent to Germany but returned to us
the hundreds of thousands of Italian
prisoners will be sent back.
The Russians again advanced from 2 1/2 to 4
miles and they are now 10 miles from Orel.
Moscow reports that the enemy is pushed
away to the West and South West and the
Germans are slowly pressed back.
Orel and Bryansk were raided by Russian
bombers. Our fighters are reported out
accross teh Channel today 3 enemy fighters
were destroyed. After midnight last night there
were a few enemy planes over Scotland 
original text 0096  7/29/1943     
30/7/1943. 8.= am Morris Shillington

Our bombers were out over Germany last night
strong formations of American bombers
with a british and allied escort of fighters
went to northern Germany during the day
yesterday. U-boat bases were bombed as well
as the Henckel-works (aircraft factory) at
Warnemünde. 40 enemy fighters were destroyed
by the fortresses of which 10 are missing.
There was slight enemy activity over this
country last night. A few enemy aircraft came
to a place in South East England. 2 enemy
planes were destroyed. Of the planes the enemy
has used recently in attacks on this country
15% has been lost. The power station at Rouaan
and airfields in Northern France were
also bombed yesterday. From these raids
3 fighters are missing. The Russians are
fighting their way through stiff German
resistance on three sides of Orel
From the Bjelgorod and Donetz sector
normal patrol activity is reported.
40 places were occupied by the Russians
in the Orel sector. 38 tanks and 63 planes were
destroyed. Tokio radio said yesterday night 
original text 0097  7/30/1943  for Rouaan
read Rouen 
That the Americans had raided Hongkong.
At present the result of the South African
elections is 106 seats for prowar parties
and 42 seats for anti-war party
There is no fresh news from Italy except
that 20 prefects have been dismissed.
In Sicily the Canadians continue to
advance slowly (average advance during
10 days 10 miles per day).
The Americans have reached Nicosia
and the Canadian have come to ....... .

30/7/1943 6 pm Stewart Hibbard

Once again it was Hamburg last night
A highly concetrated attack was carried
out in clear weather and well over 2000 tons
of boms were dropped.
This is the third time within a week that
Hamburg has had over 2000 tons of bombs
each time. In all these 7 days 7 raids
have been carried out. The Germans sent up
many fighters. 28 of our bombers are missing
and 3 enemy fighters were destroyed.
Today American medium bombers
raided an airfield in Holland.
Yesterday many hits were obtained on the 
original text 0098  7/30/1943     
U-boatyard whereas the Henckel works were
hit as well.
Fightercommand aircraft were also active
last night by bombing airfield in
France and Germany.
In Northern Italy troops have refused
to fire on people demonstrating for peace
An unconfirmed report from Madrid
says that German troops have a.o.
occupied Triest and ......
The commander of the garrison at Milaan
has been removed from his post.
British cruisers and destroyers have
bombarded the Italian mainland.
Official news from Sicily says that the Canadians
have advanced further.
The Americans have also advanced
on their line. From the Southern front
which is the responsibility of the British
patrolling is reported.
The Americans are nearing San Stefano
The allied forces are biting into the outer
defences of the enemy's bridgehead.
Allied airforces were busy over Sicily,
Sardinia, Southern Italy and the sea 
original text 0099  7/30/1943  for San Stefano
read Santo Stefano di Camastra 
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Records 81 to 100 of 422